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Addiction occurs when a person develops a dependence on a substance or an activity to the point where it may become harmful. The substance or the activity consumes them to the point where nothing else matters, and can affect every aspect of their lives and the lives of those around them. Addiction is no small matter and professional help should be sought for those affected. Westminster, like all places, has many people suffering from addiction and our Westminster addiction counseling services are among the best anywhere to help beat the scourge.

Common Symptoms of Addiction

There are various signs to look out for to determine whether you or someone you know is an addict or displaying behavior that might be classed as addictive and become a problem down the road. These include:

  • Craving and compulsion to indulge in the behavior or to use the substance
  • Indulging in the activity or using the substance to the point where it impedes family life, work, etc.
  • Recognition of problem and repeated, unsuccessful attempts to stop
  • Inability to stop once started
  • Tolerance levels of a substance built up over time through consistent use.

Effects of Addiction

People can become addicted to virtually anything. Some addictions (drugs and alcohol for example) can literally end in death, while others (such as sex or gambling) can ruin lives and break up families and friendships. All addictions are potentially a problem down the road.

How to Overcome Addiction

Beating addiction is tough, especially trying to beat it alone or without the help of experts. One of the key elements in overcoming addiction is being able to talk to someone actually qualified to help—an addiction counselor. An Westminster addiction counselor can help in the following ways:

  • Group therapy (sitting with other addicts and talking with each other and providing support under the authority of a counselor)
  • Individual therapy (one-on-one sessions to help the addict find the underlying cause of their addiction)
  • Family support and/or couples therapy (if the addict’s behavior has caused damage to their family/relationship).

Finding an Addiction Counselor in Westminster

If you are an addict or feel like you might be spiraling towards addiction—of any type— you need help. In Westminster there are many options for you to choose from and we can help you find the right help for your addiction. Please pick up the phone and call us for more info and to discuss the next steps in helping you become well again.

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