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Anyone who has recently experienced a break up from a lover, partner or spouse would understand that it is emotionally disturbing. It often leads to a condition of sadness and confusion. Not everyone can pick themselves up after a breakup and embrace a peaceful, new life. This is why it is imperative that people should seek some help.

Common Symptoms of Relationship Breakups

Outlined below are some common symptoms you can find in people experiencing relationship breakups:

  • Lack of motivation
  • Physical discomfort
  • No adequate sleep
  • Feeling anxious or nervous
  • Depression
  • Thoughts of killing themselves
  • Feeling hopeless, et cetera

One may not be able to handle all the issues associated with breaking up, this is why it is advisable to seek relationship breakup counseling immediately. An experienced breakup therapist will be able to help you rediscover yourself for a better relationship in the future.

Challenges People Usually Faced After Breakups

  • Mental challenge: Depression and mood swings are two prominent mental health challenges faced by breakup couples.
  • Social challenge: Social withdrawal is very common among breakup partners or couples, as they avoid mingling with their former circles of friends.
  • Financial challenge: Relationship breakups also bring about money problems, and when couples or lovers separate, both of them will have to fend for themselves separately.

How Can a Qualified Relationship Counselor Help in this Case?

Using the service of a qualified relationship counselor or therapist will help breakup couples, partners and lovers receive the therapy they needed. A counselor will:

  • Listen carefully to you and offer practical suggestions
  • Provide real-time counseling according to the initial information collected from you
  • Keep the counseling real and offer concrete advice
  • Guide you through a process of self-recovery
  • Create a positive mindset in you which is necessary for self-confidence-boosting
  • Help you remove guilt and self-accusation from your mind
  • Create a can-do attitude in you for better communication ability

If you are experiencing any of the relationship breakup issues highlighted above, why not call us for a consultation?

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