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Anger in and of itself isn’t unhealthy – everyone experiences it – but when it gets out of control or turns destructive in can lead to problems with relationships, co-workers, and the overall quality of life. People who experience anger issues often feel that they’re not in control of themselves. Anger counseling can help give them that control back.

What exactly is anger?

Anger is an emotion that can vary between mild irritation to intense rage. As with other emotions, it comes with both biological and physiological changes. For example, when a person gets angry their heart rate and blood pressure rise. Likewise, their adrenaline and energy hormones can rise.

What causes anger?

Anger can be caused by issues both internal and external. In some cases anger is directed at a specific person or event and in others it’s caused by worrying about personal issues. Memories of events can also trigger anger.

Determining appropriate anger levels

If everyone experiences anger how can a counselor tell you if your anger is normal or extreme? There are tests that measure the intensity of your feelings, how you handle them, and how prone to anger you are but the reality is that if you think you have a problem with anger you probably do. If you’ve ever felt out of control and frightened by your anger then you may need help finding a better way to handle your anger..
The goals of anger counseling

A particular client’s treatment plan will be based on their individual needs but the goals of anger counseling generally include:

  • Recognizing triggers.
  • Learning how to better respond to triggers without becoming aggressive.
  • Teaching specific skills to better manager triggers.
  • Identifying times when thoughts don’t lead to logical conclusions.
  • Changing how a client thinks and reacts in specific triggering situations.
  • Teaching clients to relax, stay calm, and be peaceful even when they feel surges of anger.
  • Teaching when and how to be assertive. Being more expressive about needs can help clients feel more in control of situations.
  • Teaching problem-solving techniques that leave clients feeling empowered – which lowers the risk of anger triggers.

Thriveworks Counseling & Coaching provides comprehensive anger counseling. We can help you take back your life and experience this normal emotion in a healthy way.

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