Grief and Loss Counseling in Worcester, MA—Counselors and Therapists

Grief and Loss Counseling in Worcester, MA—Counselors and Therapists  

It feels like one moment you are together, grabbing dinner and laughing, and the next moment you are filled with sadness and pain with news that they are gone. Whether we want to or not, we will lose someone we love during our lifetime. It doesn’t matter if it’s a mom, dad, sibling, friend, co-worker, or pet, death can be hard to cope with. The pain you feel is unimaginable and it can be hard to overcome. You feel numb and like your life is moving in slow motion. Life as you knew it is gone.

It’s strange how many ways there are to miss someone. You miss the things they did and who they were, but you also miss who you were with them. The way everything you said and did was beautiful or entertaining or important. How much you mattered. –Robin Roe

The bottom line is that grief and loss can be gut-wrenching. Getting through this tough time requires patience, support, and a lot of love. When opening up feels hard or if you don’t want to feel like a burden to others, there are grief counselors who can step in to help. Not only will grief counseling give you a way to express your feelings, but you will be given tools to use as you move forward towards a place of peace. Thriveworks Counseling in Worcester has licensed grief counselors who provide the compassionate and understanding care you may be looking for. Call (508) 409-6134 to schedule an appointment.

Symptoms of Grief: How Grief and Loss Therapy Can Help You

Grief happens differently for everyone. Some experience all of the different stages of grief rapidly while others may take months, even years, to cope with a loss. Although we think of death as the only reason to grieve, we can also grieve a lost job, a divorce, and even moving out of an old home. No matter the situation, there are resources to help you out along the way. In general, there are five stages of grief. They are:

  1. Denial
  2. Anger
  3. Bargaining
  4. Depression
  5. Acceptance

The way you move through the stages of grief is unique to you. It might not be as simple as it sounds. Through each stage of grief, you might feel a mix of different emotions, pain being one of the most prevalent. When it gets to be too much, we can get stuck in one of the stages without the ability to move forward towards acceptance. Because of this, it can be very hard to do alone. If you or a loved one are experiencing any of these symptoms, it might be worth reaching out:

  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Depression
  • A small or weak support system
  • Numbness of emotion
  • Inability to move or get out of bed
  • Forcing busy work to distract yourself
  • Sudden changes in behavior such as mood swings, trouble sleeping, or abnormal eating habits
  • Pushing away friends or family
  • Hesitancy or fear in pursuing new relationships
  • Trouble finding joy in activities you once loved

You or a loved one may be experiencing some of these emotions and even some not listed above. Grief complicates the way we act and feel. If you are experiencing any stage of grief and feel like you can’t move on or feel some of the emotions listed, you may want to reach out to a grief counselor at Thriveworks Counseling Worcester. We are here for you no matter how big or small you think your problems are. Our goal is to guide you to a place of acceptance and happiness.

We understand it’s not easy to ask for help. We are here for you whenever you are ready.

Techniques Used in Grief Counseling

You may be wondering how a psychologist could help you grieve. Thriveworks Worcester has some techniques that can be used to help. Our psychologists are highly skilled in this field and have the skills needed to offer you compassionate and thorough care. Some of our specialty techniques include:

  • Talk therapy
  • Art and music therapy
  • How to develop new relationships or rekindle old ones
  • Adapting to a new role
  • Exercise therapy
  • Managing changes in behavior
  • Coping tools
  • Reaching out to friends and family

We are a client-oriented practice. That means that your unique situation and personality are crucial to the way we provide you care. It also allows our psychologists to connect with you on a deeper level and provide you with more meaningful relationships. If something isn’t working for you, we can change it. No matter what, we have your back.

Schedule an Appointment with a Grief Counselor at Thriveworks in Worcester, MA

Navigating loss can feel like you are swimming in murky water–it’s hard to see, you don’t know which way is up, and you wish you could get out of it. A grief counselor’s mission is to help their client effectively navigate through a difficult time to live a happier, healthier life.

If you think you could benefit from grief counseling, schedule an appointment with Thriveworks in Worcester. You can book online through our online booking portal or by calling our office at (508) 409-6134. We have flexible scheduling options and online appointments available. Our goal is to work with your schedule so you can get the help you need when you need it.

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