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The diversity of the substances and behaviors that are linked to addiction is surprising. Whilst the most common associations with addiction include things like smoking, alcoholism or hard drugs, these are certainly not the only forms of addiction that exist in modern society. Addictions are developed to numerous substances or behaviors and one common factor between them is that they are hard to manage for an addict. As a result, it is highly recommended that an addict seeks the support of an experienced addiction counselor.

It is generally recognized that there are two types of addiction – the physical and the psychological. Physical addictions occur when physiological dependencies develop to specific substances. When the substance is removed from the body during a process of detoxification, an affected individual will experience withdrawal symptoms which can often be dangerous. Psychological addictions, on the other hand, can occur without a physical dependency on a substance or behavior; they are defined by a mental compulsion to consume or carry out the subject of one’s addiction without control.

What Can Cause An Addiction?

As with many medical conditions, the causes of addiction are very complex. A combination of genetics, family history and environmental factors can increase one’s chances of developing an addiction at some point in life. Estimates reveal that one’s genes and family background account for 50% of the risk of becoming an addict, whilst environmental factors, for example being exposed to addictive behaviors in one’s close surroundings, account for the other 50%.

Addiction Counseling

Treating addiction can be a difficult process–it is not just the case of taking a medicine or a vaccine to cure the condition. Often the most effective methods include talk-based addiction therapy that helps a patient deal with the mental aspects of addiction. A psychological addiction can be in some cases more difficult to manage than a physical dependency. Following a period of detox an addict may be free of physical addiction, but will continue to experience recurrent mental desire to use, take or do whatever he or she is addicted to. Counseling therapy is therefore a powerful method, helping the affected individual manage his or her urge to reach back for the addictive substance or activity.

At Thriveworks Spring Hill we strive to create a personalized treatment plan for every patient. In this manner we seek to ensure that our clients’ individual needs are met in the best way possible. Please, do not hesitate and contact us today to book your first session with one of our experienced addiction counselors.

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