Online Counseling in Nashville, TN—Convenient Telehealth Sessions

Online Counseling in Nashville, TN—Convenient Telehealth Sessions

Todd has a counseling appointment coming up. It took a lot of courage for him to finally schedule this first session, and he’s proud of himself for taking the leap. However, he feels more nervous about it with every day that passes. He worries about…

  • Someone he knows seeing him walk into the counseling office
  • Being late for his first session and making a bad impression
  • His counselor judging him for his challenges (which he feels ashamed of)

Todd isn’t the only person who struggles with these fears. Many people have these same worries and others—all of which can be lessened by online counseling options. Online counseling is designed to make counseling more convenient and comfortable. It can resolve Todd’s first fear of being seen walking into the counseling office; it can make it less likely that Todd will be tardy for his appointment (since he doesn’t have to worry about commuting); and it can ease his worries about feeling judged by his counselor, as virtual appointments do so naturally.

Online counseling services are valuable. They improve access to mental health services and make many people feel more comfortable about talking to a mental health professional. If you’d like to try online counseling for yourself, or you’d like to hear more about what this entails, don’t hesitate to reach out to Thriveworks Counseling in Nashville, TN. We have online therapists who’d be more than happy to meet and work with you in telehealth sessions.

Online Counseling Services: What Are My Options?

If you decide to pursue online counseling services at Thriveworks in Nashville, TN, we have two main options for you:

  1. Telephone counseling: This first option is a great option for those who feel nervous about starting their counseling journey. It offers greater anonymity and flexibility. All you have to do is schedule your appointment and then answer your counselor’s call at the given day and time. 
  2. Video counseling: This second online counseling option is also a great option, especially for those who value or desire that face-to-face interaction. While you won’t meet with your counselor in-person, you will get that face-to-face feel in these live video chat sessions. Again, all you have to do is schedule your appointment and then rather than answering a call, you navigate to a secure video link which is sent to you in advance.

What do you think about these two options? If you aren’t sure, consider this: Research has shown that online counseling, in the form of telephone and video sessions, is effective. It enables people to complete important work with their therapist and make meaningful changes in their lives.

How Can Online Therapy Help Me and My Life?

Online therapy has the ability to help people, including you, with a wide range of mental health problems. These mental health problems include, but are not limited to:

  • Symptoms of a mental illness, from depression to anxiety, PTSD, and addiction
  • Relationship issues, including jealousy, lack of intimacy, and parenting problems
  • Challenges that affect the family unity, such as the rebellious behavior of a child or teen
  • Personal and professional challenges, like lack of happiness or fulfillment in either area
  • Stress, whether it’s stress at work, financial stress, or stress triggered by relationship issues
  • Grief and loss, after the death of a beloved, friend, family member, pet, or even a job

Therapy involves talking to a professional about one’s challenges. Online counseling allows people to have these important conversations about what’s going on in their lives and take back control.

Schedule a Telehealth Session at Thriveworks Counseling in Nashville, TN

Thriveworks Counseling in Nashville, TN has telehealth sessions available now. If you live in Nashville or elsewhere in Tennessee, consider scheduling an appointment with one of our online providers. This approach to therapy offers greater convenience, comfort, and flexibility, which improves the overall experience. 

The providers at our Nashville, TN office hope to hear from you soon. They’re equipped and prepared to help you address your specific problems.

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