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Children are great, but complicated. Parenting can seem like a complex mixture of project manager, janitor, mentor, circus performer, judge and jury, con artist, psychic, philosopher, team lead, spy, diplomate, hostage negotiator, and benevolent dictator. Sometimes it is complicated even more by there being other people (siblings or partners), sometimes they are all that helps you feel as if you are still afloat. That’s all ok, it is hard enough to manage our own lives, let alone manage the life of another person with ever changing requirements, that at times does not even want you to manage it.

Children are complicated by a number of things:

  • Emotions
  • Changing goals
  • Ever increasingly difficult school assignments in almost any topic
  • A social system that can go from Charlie Brown to Lord of the Flies
  • Other parents
  • Other kids
  • Constant worry that you can permanently scar your child in some way
  • Food (please just eat something healthy!)
  • So many emotions I listed it twice (theirs and yours)
  • New things every week
  • Video game
  • Inappropriate media/people/places
  • Bed time
  • Rules

Now imagine it from their perspective, and take away your years of experience and tools. Part of why it is hard to be a parent is that it is really hard to be a kid. Your six year old has never been a six year old before, and has virtually no experience in anything. Your sixteen year old has never been a sixteen year old before, and thinks she knows everything.

The good thing is, almost all kids are great, want to feel good, want respect and love, want safety, and want to do good. The constant (and frequently conflicting) influences and pressure on them start to complicate what any of those words mean, and muddy the waters on how to get there.

Parents are one of the largest influences on a child’s life, and it is a lot of pressure. Sometimes parents don’t agree with each other, sometimes a parent’s own baggage gets in the way, sometimes everyone agrees but no one has any idea what to do, and sometimes you just need help or support. If you feel your child needs help in their life, or if you feel that you are the one that needs help, Thriveworks Round Rock is here for your family. Call us at (512) 212-7045 and set up an appointment to learn how we can help get through whatever it is, together. We have counselors that look forward to trying to help.

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Thriveworks Counseling Round Rock

Best therapist ever 5 stars across the board

Sheena Hahn is hands down the most understanding and amazing therapist I've ever had the chance to use. She cares totally and is all buisness in helping to sort out each person's struggles. Professional and skilled off the charts
Thriveworks Counseling Round Rock

Mary Guthrie

I have worked with Mary for over a year now. To say she is phenomenal is an understatement. She has helped me grow so much as an individual and has provided me with endless resources along the way. She is easy to talk to and genuinely cares for you as a person. I would not be who I am today had it not been for Mary. I look forward in continuing my therapy journey with Mary in all my years to come.
Thriveworks Counseling Round Rock


I have been working with Mary Guthrie for a little more than a year. With her help and guidance I have taken great strides to come out a very long and very black time that included a debilitating illness. She challenges you to find your personal strength and to use it to move forward in a positive direction. Thank you Mary for everything you have helped me with
Thriveworks Counseling Round Rock

Aimee Corona

Aimee has been an invaluable person in my journey of mental health recovery. She has helped me to reframe situations in more rational and healthy ways, and has helped me to understand that it is possible to truly move on from things I’ve thought would always control my life. I would highly recommend her. She listens really well, gives thoughtful advice and daily practices to implement, and truly cares about seeing you get healthy!
Thriveworks Counseling Round Rock

Amazing Therapist

I have seen Aimee in Round Rock for almost a year for anxiety, depression and some difficult life decisions. Since our first appointment I felt completely at ease, never judged in any way or rushed through a session. She is passionate and genuinely invested in my well being. I have recommended her to many friends.
Thriveworks Counseling Round Rock

Amazing Therapist!

I have been working with Aimee for the past several months. She’s an amazing therapist that tells me what I need to hear, and helps me realize things that I’ve been ignoring. She’s a very optimistic, energetic, and honest person.
Thriveworks Counseling Round Rock


Aimee Corona is incredibly skilled, compassionate, encouraging, and knows when to exercise "tough love" to help the client become more confident and guide them through their recovery. She has a very whole person approach and works to get to know the client without judgment. Her goal in our family and individual treatment has been to help us heal, grow, and become more confident independently. She has always held our best interest at heart and is incredibly professional. I highly recommend Ms. Corona.
Thriveworks Counseling Round Rock

So appreciative!

So thankful to have met Ariell - she provides a truly welcoming presence and her humor, graciousness and intelligence really put me at ease!
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