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Grief. Loss. Sadness. Alone. Hurt. Darkness. Anger. Pain. Suffering. Empty. Nothing at all. I can’t speak for everyone, but these are some of the feelings I had when I lost someone.

We all go through it differently, but if we live long enough, we all go through it. The problem is we are rarely if ever truly prepared for it. We usually just don’t think about death that way. Sure there is death and violence in entertainment, but it is abstract and lacks the emotional connection. Grief is its own special kind of pain. For some people it is similar to depression, for some it is similar to rage, for others it is something else entirely. For most people, it does not follow a nice and neat chart of stages, Grief is messy. It covers most or all of the emotions, some we didn’t even know we had. For a lot of people, it also does not go away quickly.

We have a tendency to pull back from unpleasant stuff, and usually that is to our advantage. If you touch a hot stove, you don’t “power through it” you pull your hand away! If it is bright outside, you don’t try to stare down the sun, you block it with shade. If we did not do stuff like this, the human race would not have made it far. However, grief can be different. We can hurt as a symptoms of grief, without ever facing the grief itself. We can hurt for a long time, a very long time. Sometimes we can even push it down deep inside us for a while, maybe weeks, maybe years, but never forever.

You will never forget your loved one, but the hurt can change, and how you think about them can change (in a good way!). The way you get there is to do the “grief work.” Sometimes people naturally do it as part of how they grieve, but many times we don’t. Part of the problem is that if you don’t address your grief and find time for it, it will find time for you. Maybe while you are at work or school, maybe while you are in the car, maybe when you try to sleep. Make time for it on your own terms.

Please, if you feel “stuck” in your grief seek help somewhere. Even if you don’t feel stuck, sometimes it really helps to reach out to talk to people about it that can help you.

If you or someone important to you feel:

  • Alone
  • In a daze or fog
  • Unable to stop the tears
  • Unable to have tear
  • Isolated
  • Lost
  • All the emotions or none of them
  • Like you need help
  • Like it is affecting people around you
  • Like it is affecting your work/life
  • Worried about the holidays/birthdays/special events

Contact Thriveworks Round Rock at (512) 212-7045. We can discuss options and find a way to help you.

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