Christian Counseling in Round Rock, TX—Counselors and Therapists

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Christian Counseling in Round Rock, TX—Counselors and Therapists

Are you closely tied to your faith? Have you tried conventional therapy before and it left you unfulfilled? Are you worried secular counseling won’t meet your needs? That is where a counselor at Thriveworks Round Rock can help. Our trained clinicians will provide you with psychotherapy couched in a Christian perspective. Let’s look at the concept of Christian counseling and see if it is a type of therapy you want to pursue. Please call us at (512) 212-7045 to schedule an appointment.

What Is Christian Counseling?

Christian counseling combines faith and psychological principles to meet your mental health goals. A Christian counselor believes that spirituality plays an integral role in our lives and we cannot expect to fully heal without involving a religious component. While a Christian counselor may use many of the same techniques you would find with a secular therapist, they are also likely to use prayer and scripture to help a client cope with their problems. Not only will they help you improve your ability to deal with difficult issues, but they will also assist you in strengthening your relationship with God.

Is Christian Counseling Really Psychotherapy?

At its core, psychotherapy is a practice where a professional helps someone deal effectively with their issues. Secular psychotherapists are usually guided by a non-religious theoretical framework, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy. Christian counselors have a slightly different outlook but the same goal. In addition to a specific theoretical orientation, they will also include a spiritual element. They believe that following the teachings of God will help the client better reach their goals. In fact, they feel it is impossible to treat the whole person without involving their spirituality. It is simply a different viewpoint of psychotherapy.

Are Christian Counselors Trained in Psychotherapy?

You might have heard a rumor that Christian counselors are not trained to perform psychotherapy. Although there are some people conducting therapy that have no formal education, all counselors at Thriveworks Round Rock have at least a master’s degree and are licensed. It is recommended that any counselor (including Christian Counselors) be a licensed mental health professional. A quick review of their credentials should help you to see if they have the necessary training.

Are You A Good Candidate for Christian Counseling?

In a survey conducted by the American Association of Pastoral Counselors (AAPC), 83 percent of Americans believe their religious beliefs are closely related to their mental health. Additionally, the majority of those people polled wanted to be seen by a specialist who would incorporate their spirituality into counseling. If you are interested in having a religious component in your therapy, you are not alone.

Do You Have A Strong Faith or Spirituality?

This is the most important question to answer if you are wondering whether you want to see a Christian counselor. If your faith is a defining part of who you are then you want to seriously consider seeing a therapist who involves spirituality into their counseling. If it is not very important to you, you would better be served by a secular therapist.

Do You Believe Your Actions Should Be Based on The Scripture?

Living your life according to the scripture is a tall order but if you are trying to be “Godly” in your behavior Christian counseling may be right for you. Keep in mind, this leaves less flexibility in behavior and actions that fall outside the scripture will likely be challenged. For example, maybe you are seriously thinking of getting a divorce because your spouse has had multiple affairs. The bible says that divorce is not allowed. A Christian counselor may tell you that you should not be pondering the possibility of divorce and guide you away from that decision.

Are You Skeptical of Secular Psychotherapy?

Secular psychotherapy has not always been the friendliest place for religiously observant people. You might feel uncomfortable telling a traditional therapist you feel like you have a personal relationship with God. If your wariness of how your religion will be received in treatment has prevented you from seeking mental health services, then Christian counseling may be the answer to your prayers (pun intended).

Find a Christian Counselor at Thriveworks Round Rock

If you answered yes to the three questions above, you would probably do well to find a Christian counselor. There are therapists at Thriveworks Round Rock that can provide you with the spiritual counseling you desire. If you want to address your issues in a God-like manner, please call us at (512) 212-7045 or schedule an appointment online.

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