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Counseling for Gang Members—Thriveworks Pueblo (Pueblo County)

We don’t get to choose the cards life hands us. We have to play with what we get, even if sometimes that isn’t a whole lot. People join gangs for numerous reasons, but most often it’s because they’re playing the cards life and society has handed them to the best of their ability. A gang might mean food on the table, a sense of security, or a place to call home.

The reasons for joining a gang are valid and often reveal the failures of society to look out for its people. Thriveworks Pueblo understands why you or a loved one may have joined a gang. We aren’t asking you to quit or run away from the only thing you’ve known. But if you truly desire change in your life- be that reducing your drug use, decreasing run-ins with the authorities, or finishing school- our counselors can help.

Thriveworks Pueblo is a judgment free zone. We will never try to change you; our counselors simply provide the tools and avenues for you to create change in your life.

We have open sessions today. Call (719) 838-6383 to talk to a counselor or to schedule an appointment. We guarantee sessions within 48 hours of calling.

Why Do I Need Counseling?

That depends on how you define need. Chances are, you don’t need counseling. You’re surviving just fine on your own, with or without your gang. Counseling for gang members (whether active members or retired) isn’t about need, it’s about a want for a more fulfilling, safe, happy life.

So, you might need counseling if you want change in your life. Change is hard enough, but add in the peer pressure of gang life, the addiction to adrenaline or drugs, and the deep-rooted habits that keep you coming back to old ways, change may feel impossible. The good news is that the impossibility of change is just that- a feeling. It won’t be easy, but with a professional counselor cheering you on and providing researched, proven tools to help you towards success, change is more than possible, it’s likely.

Our Thriveworks Pueblo counselors will meet you where you’re at. Some of our clients want to stay in the gang but reduce drug use. Great! Some need to meet a court mandated order or want to better themselves so they can see their child or family more often. Also great! Some want to move away from the gang life completely, and that’s also great!

Some of our clients who are also gang members seek counseling for:

  • Reduce drug use
  • Meet court-mandated hours
  • Cope with anxiety or depression
  • Manage anger
  • Trauma
  • New parenting or relationship counseling
  • Guidance and help when leaving a gang
  • Help with pursuing careers or an education

This is a limited list. If you think your life could be improved by counseling with Thriveworks Pueblo, give us a call today. We can talk next steps with you and decide if Thriveworks Pueblo counseling is a good fit. If it’s not, we have other resources we can give you.

The power to change lies entirely in your hands. No one can make change in your life except for you. We understand what a weighty and sometimes frightening challenge that is. The fact that you are reading this and even thinking about making positive change in your life shows your courage and perseverance. For that, we thank you.

What Does Counseling for Gang Members Look Like?

This is very different depending on why you are seeking counseling in the first place. One thing is always the same though: Thriveworks Pueblo is a client-centered practice. We keep the focus on you, your desires, and your setbacks. Our opinion doesn’t matter, only our professional training and empathetic listening.

In a Thriveworks Pueblo counseling session, we promise to never:

  • Pass judgment on past or current actions
  • Force any change on you
  • Break client-counselor confidentiality (except for the case of you hurting yourself or other people; more information can be given on client confidentiality by calling our office)

Thriveworks Pueblo Counseling and Coaching is a safe place where you can come and be whoever you need to be. It is a place to heal and grow in the direction you want to live. Too often we can live our lives in the confines of our past. But change is possible. Call Thriveworks Pueblo today to talk to a licensed counselor about taking back control of your future. We can be reached at (719) 838-6383

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