Trauma Therapy—Thriveworks Pueblo (Pueblo County)

Trauma Therapy—Thriveworks Pueblo (Pueblo County)

No matter what form trauma takes, it is brutal and exhausting. Whether emotional, sexual, or physical, no one deserves to go through a trauma and the psychological harm that follows. But while we can’t choose what happens to us, we can choose how we move forward with our lives.

Trauma creates changes you don’t choose. Healing is about creating change you do choose. –Michelle Rosental

Thriveworks Pueblo knows that you didn’t choose to be victim to a trauma. What happened to you was not your fault, yet now you’re seemingly stuck with the consequences. We are here to give you the knowledge, tools, and encouragement to heal from trauma and reverse the negative effects it can have on your life.

Sexual abuse, emotional abuse, or a physical trauma can feel all-consuming and unescapable. When left to its own devices, trauma can impact work life, family and social life, the ability to sleep and eat properly, and so much more.

But there is hope. There is a way to heal.

Thriveworks Pueblo is just one of those ways to heal. We pride ourselves on being empathetic and nonjudgmental, creating a safe place for our clients to heal from their past and prepare for their future. Healing from a trauma can come with pain, anxiety, anger, and feelings of hopelessness, but it is far from impossible. Thriveworks Pueblo will make sure you don’t go through it alone.

The courage and strength it takes to read this page and consider going to counseling to face your trauma is enormous. Our clinicians are inspired everyday by the every-day acts that our clients must go through while dealing with the immense weight of trauma. But that same strength and courage that is enabling you to read this will enable you to fully heal from your trauma and live the peaceful, fulfilling life that you deserve.

What Are Some Symptoms of Trauma?

Everyone’s brains react differently to trauma, and depending on the type of trauma, you’ll have different experiences in the healing process. Thriveworks Pueblo makes sure to individualize each session so it is best suited to your unique needs and goals.

Trauma can have such a profound effect on our lives because of how powerful and detailed out brain is. Our brain is an organ that processes millions bits of information’s each second. That same level of detail is what makes it susceptible to high stress and emotional events.

A traumatic event will rewire the brain by creating new, unhealthy pathways over the old, healthy ones.

Luckily, we can mold the brain back to its healthy shape. The brain’s resilience as well as vulnerability is called neuroplasticity. It means the brain can heal and shape like a wad of clay, rather than stay stuck like a brick. You are never broken because of a trauma; your brain just needs to be reminded how to act healthily.

You are worth the time it will take to retrain your brain. You are deserving of a happy life where you feel safe. Thriveworks Pueblo will be with you every step of the way. Our counselors move at your pace. If you recognize some of these symptoms in yourself or a loved one, reaching out can help:

  • Recurrent, painful dreams
  • Flashbacks
  • Emotional numbness
  • Jittery/always on edge
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Hesitancy to open up to other people, even those you trusted before the trauma
  • Persistent fear, horror, anger, guilt, or shame
  • Diminished interest in activities you previously enjoy
  • Difficulty feeling positive emotions
  • A general feeling of detachment from the world or yourself
  • Continuous feeling of discomfort in stomach and gut

Trauma and/or PTSD will have a wide array of symptoms. It is unpredictable and that can make it isolating. Whatever you are struggling with, a professional counselor at Thriveworks Pueblo is here to bridge the gap between your pain and your future by helping you take the steps towards healing.

How Can We Help?

Thriveworks Pueblo believes in practicing counseling with a client-first mentality. You are the true master of yourself and we are simply here to help guide, support, and give advice when warranted. While you are out there making true change for yourself, we have some tried-and-true techniques to help you.

A few of these include:

  • Education on the symptoms of trauma
  • Learning effective coping skills when symptoms do flare up. (Things like relaxation exercises, anger-management techniques and guided imagery)
  • Guidance on how to better manage sleep, exercise and diet- which may have been severely impacted by the traumatic event and are vital in the healing process.
  • Identify and address any guilt, self-blame or other negative emotions surrounding what happened. The trauma is not your fault.
  • Walk through the lingering fear and anxiety. It can be painful, but the unaddressed emotions play a large part in the negative aftermath of a trauma.
  • Address any comorbid struggles such as anxiety or depression.

You are not to blame for the trauma. You are not to blame for your symptoms or way of dealing with it. But healing does lay in your control. Thriveworks Pueblo is here to help bring you to your true potential by healing from past trauma through client-centered and nonjudgmental counseling. Your present does not belong to your past. If you’re ready to find freedom, call (719) 838-6383 today.

We guarantee to schedule you for a counseling session within 48 hours and strive to have no waitlist.

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