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Emotional Abuse- Thriveworks Pueblo, CO

You deserve relationships that are fulfilling, loving, and encouraging.

But as nearly 50% of people in the United States know, not every relationship will be like that. Some are more like poison. When a relationship is full of emotional abuse, it can leave mental and emotional scars that last far into the future.

Every relationship will hit bumps in the road, and as humans, we’re all going to make mistakes. But emotional abuse is deeper than the occasional honest misstep or angry word. It is the chronic, calculated steps towards absolute control that someone takes at the expense of another.

If you or a loved one has experienced emotional abuse, know that it was not your fault. You are a survivor, and that takes courage, resilience, and strength. Thriveworks Pueblo understands that surviving leaves scars of its own. Whether you are just out of an emotionally abusive relationship or have lived with the shadow of one for years, we are here for you. Counseling can help you heal from the wounds emotional abuse left in your life so that you can move forward as healthier and happier.

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What is emotional abuse?

Emotional violence is another kind of abuse … it’s not about words because an emotionally abusive person doesn’t always resort to using the verbal club, but rather the verbal untraceable poison.”  ~ Augusten Burroughs

Emotional abuse can blend in easily in the background of a seemingly normal relationship. When you are in the midst of it, it can be especially hard to identify.

There is no way to fully put into words the totality in which emotional abuse has the potential to take over your life. It can seep into your mental, emotional, and spiritual health. However, there are some major red flags that we’re going to talk about here.

First, the abusing partner (or multiple people) is most often seeking control through manipulation. This doesn’t have to happen all at once, or even be there from the start. Sometimes, relationships that start off healthy end up turning emotionally abusive along the way. It can be subtle, delaying the victim from noticing until it feels too late.

Thriveworks Pueblo believes it is never too late. Whether you are currently in a potentially abusive relationship or still feel the grip of one you got out of, we believe that healing is possible. Talking about your experience with emotional abuse is hard, and we respect every ounce of courage and strength it takes to recognize your situation, get help, and open up.

To help you, here is a list of common actions an emotionally abusive person might take:

  • Control money and spending
  • Constantly belittle you or point out flaws
  • Accuse you of things you never did
  • Use silent treatment as punishment
  • Control who you see or where you go
  • Make hurtful jokes
  • Objectify you
  • Use guilt as a weapon

This is a limited list, as emotional abuse is often specific to your situation. Abusing partners can get good at using what is close to you as weapons, this is part of what makes emotional abuse traumatic. If your experience varies from the experiences we’ve described here, that’s okay. Your experience and your pain are still valid.

Note that emotional abuse does not only happen in romantic relationships. Friendships, family members, and even professional relationships can all turn abusive. Thriveworks Pueblo emotional abuse counselors will be here to fight with you through them all. Freedom is possible.

How can Emotional Abuse Affect People Long-Term?

Abuse wears down the soul. Mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD commonly arise because of abuse and trauma. As scary as this is, the prognosis is good. Most people who have experienced emotional abuse have overcome their pasts and found the freedom to create boundaries for themselves while enjoying new, healthy relationships. They do not live shackled to the past anymore, and neither do you.

Other symptoms that can show up in an emotional abusive relationship include:

  • Constantly putting the blame on yourself
  • Chronic low self-esteem
  • Difficulty voicing personal concerns and feelings
  • Hyper vigilance and anxiety
  • The feeling that nothing you do will ever be enough
  • Distrust in the validity of personal memories and perceptions

No one should go through emotional abuse. It is not something you deserve, and it’s not your fault. If you or a loved one has gone through emotional abuse, Thriveworks Pueblo is here to help you heal.

Emotional abuse can make it hard to open up, especially to a stranger. Thriveworks Pueblo understands your constraint. That’s why our counselors will always meet you where you are at with empathy, non-judgment, and expertise. Everyone is on their own path of healing, so it’s okay if yours looks different than anyone else’s. At Thriveworks Pueblo, every step you take is celebrated.

You deserve to have complete control of your own life. Freedom from the snares of emotional abuse is possible with Thriveworks Pueblo. For more information or to schedule an appointment today, give us a call at 719-838-6383.

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