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Daniel and Brianna would go on dates once a week when they first became a couple. They also traveled and made friends along the way. Daniel popped the question while they were on vacation in the Bahamas and Brianna could not have been more excited to marry the man of her dreams. They got married, celebrated, and bought a house together. Then arguments started and tension grew stronger. Walls of resentment began to build up around each other and their once young love full of joy has been washed by bickering, cold shoulders, and anger.  

Does this progression sound familiar? Young love turned into fights almost once a week. Having ups and downs in a relationship is completely normal. It is a part of young love that often gets overlooked. However, it is very much a part of committed relationships. When the challenges you and your spouse are facing become too hard to handle on your own, you may find it beneficial to turn to a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT) to help you work through those problems.

At Thriveworks Pueblo Counseling, we have a team of marriage counselors who have the training and skills to help couples work through their problems and come out more connected to each other than they were before. If you feel like you and your spouse could use some additional support in building a stronger foundation, it may be time to reach out. When you are ready to get started, just give our office a call and one of our scheduling specialists can set you up with a licensed psychologist as soon as possible.

Who Can Benefit from Working with a Thriveworks Pueblo Marriage Counselor?  

You and your spouse would not have gotten married to each other and said your vows if you were not committed or did not love them. We get it! You just may not be able to continue down the path you are on if things don’t change and change soon. You want to be happily, madly in love again but the thought of sometimes sitting next to your partner on the couch makes you already stressed. Maybe just watching your spouse put away their clothes makes you mad. Does any of this sound familiar?

Here are some common reasons why we see married couples seek out help at Thriveworks Pueblo Counseling:

  • Infidelity
  • Psychological issues
  • Mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression
  • Substance abuse and addiction
  • Financial strains and stresses
  • Major life changes such as moving to a new city or starting a new job
  • Grief
  • Trauma or PTSD
  • Parenting concerns
  • Struggling to get pregnant
  • Poor communication
  • Un-aligned values

Whether you are dealing with something currently or if you are just feeling the effects of something that has happened in your past, we can help you. Even if the problem you are facing is not on this list, there are tools and resources we can provide you to help you navigate these murky waters. If you are interested in reconnecting with your spouse and hurdling the obstacles in your way together, reach out for a helping hand.

How Can Marriage Counseling Help Us?

When you first start marriage counseling, your therapist will sit down and listen to both of your individual needs, wants, and goals. This will help your counselor better identify where the cracks are in your relationship in order to come up with a unique plan of action based on your situation. Not only do our psychologists have the training and experience needed to help you resolve your issues, but they also have a multitude of skills and techniques that are proven beneficial to married couples. A few things you may expect to tackle in a marriage counseling session at Thriveworks Pueblo are:

  1. Recognize when help is needed to make a change and move forward
  2. Acknowledge the imperfection of your relationship
  3. Learn active listening techniques
  4. Learn better communication tools
  5. Anger management
  6. Acknowledge that both you and your partner both have flaws
  7. How to work better as a team
  8. Increase the amount of quality time you spend together

If there are any things on this list that sound like you could benefit from, that is great! Although these are not the only ways we can help you during your sessions, these are great starting points for couples. Finding out what works best for you both on your own can be virtually impossible. Let us help you find the peace and acceptance you have been looking for.

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Our marriage therapists and counselors are here and ready to help you as soon as you want to get started. We operate on a strict no-waiting list policy and can get you in for your first appointment within 24 hours of your initial call. We also offer a wide range of availability to include days, evenings, and weekends. We understand how busy schedules can get. That’s why online counseling is also available for all of our clients.

Ready to get started? Just give our office a call and you will be connected with a scheduling specialist. Our team looks forward to helping you and your partner thrive again.

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