Depression Therapy in Pueblo, CO—Depression Treatment

Depression Therapy in Pueblo, CO—Depression Treatment

A lot of people think that depression is just feeling sad or unmotivated. Yes, these can be symptoms of depression, but there’s so much more to it. Depression comes with a deep despair and disinterest in activities that one used to love. It can also come with a lack of motivation, disconnection from society, withdrawal from loved ones, avoidance of responsibilities, and other harmful effects.

Dealing with depression by oneself can feel impossible. The thing is that you shouldn’t have to deal with depression by yourself. There are mental health professionals who specialize in helping people manage this illness, from the harmful symptoms that they are experiencing to the effects that it is having on their day to day life. These professionals also provide their clients with unending support and guidance, as they work to cope with their depression and manage or recover from it.

You’ll come out of your dark days stronger than you were before.

If you’re feeling depressed, the depression therapists, counselors, and psychologists at Thriveworks Pueblo Counseling. We provide ourselves on only working with the best of the best mental health professionals—those who are truly qualified to help their clients work through their given mental health challenge. We believe that if you’re feeling depressed and choose to work with one of our depression therapists, you will find the help as well as the support you are looking for. To schedule your depression therapy appointment, just call our office at (719) 838-6383. We know that you might feel hopeless or scared, but we are here to help you during this difficult time.

The Physiological and Physical Factors of Depression

When someone enters a bout of depression, they might think, “Why am I feeling like this? What’s happening to me? I have everything I could want in life, this doesn’t make any sense.” They might then hope that their feelings go away on their own. Unfortunately, though, in more cases than not, depression requires treatment. It doesn’t just go away on its own.

The good news, though, is that depression therapy is proven to help. More specifically, it can help the individual better understand why they might be feeling depressed and also manage the symptoms they are experiencing. Symptoms can change from one person to the next, but here is a list of common symptoms:

  • Feeling worthless and/or hopeless
  • General discontent or unhappiness
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Anger and irritability
  • Fluctuations in weight and appetite
  • Loss of interest in once loved activities
  • Withdrawal from loved ones
  • Loneliness; social isolation
  • Anxiety

Again, the symptoms of depression can vary widely. However, depression is characterized by the two big symptoms of despair and a loss of general interest in life or day to day activities. So, if you relate to the aforementioned symptoms, please consider reaching out to a professional.

Causes of Depression: Why Am I Depressed?

Unfortunately, there isn’t one easily identified cause of depression. Instead, there are many different factors that can contribute to the development and/or exacerbation of depression. For example, certain life experiences might trigger a bout of depression. Consider: a breakup, the loss of a loved one, or another particularly painful event. These can all contribute to depression. The good news is that when there is a recognizable cause or contributing factor, your therapist can use this information to inform your treatment plan and help you confront the cause.

Now, in instances in which the cause of your depression is not distinguishable, don’t worry. Depression therapy still proves effective in helping people manage their symptoms and get back to a happier, healthier place again. Additionally, medication for depression—like antidepressants—might also help.

Schedule Depression Therapy at Thriveworks Pueblo, CO

We understand that you might feel scared, hopeless, uncertain. We also understand that our depression therapists are qualified to help. They can help you work through these and other painful emotions; they can help you address and manage your specific depression symptoms; they can help you explore any causes or contributing factors to your depression; and they can offer endless support during this confusing time in your life.

If you think that you could benefit from working with one of our depression therapists, please reach out to Thriveworks Pueblo Counseling. We’ll get you scheduled with your first appointment right away.

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