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Raising happy and successful children takes many different elements all working together towards one common goal. Drawing strengths from within your family, community, and the professional realm creates a dynamic and well-rounded team that can work to build positive core values in your youth. Child counseling is one of those fundamental elements that can foster your child’s development towards a positive identity and a positive view of their personal future.

To raise a strong child there are a number of assets that are vital. Some of these include:

  • The ability to make good decisions
  • Developed interpersonal skills
  • Knowing the value of their self-worth
  • Having a sense of purpose
  • Having the confidence to plan for their future

Child counselors are trained to capitalize on your child’s existing assets and build up those that are lacking. Whether your child is struggling with issues at school, with peers, or is exhibiting the signs of a mental health disorder, a counselor is a qualified and valuable person who is on your side to help work through the existing issues and add in strengths that can benefit your child for the years to come.

Young people who have manifested these positive assets are more likely to:

  • Succeed in school
  • Be more resilient when faced with a challenge
  • Be more empathetic towards friends
  • Work towards building a caring community
  • Avoid risky or dangerous behavior

When a child actively works towards their own positive identify they not only become more successful in reaching these goals, but they can be proud of the steps they took to get there and have the confidence to take control of their future.

No matter what area of life your child struggles in, a child counselor can create a plan based on your child’s unique needs to work towards these goals. Every child is already equipped with some of these assets and it is the job of the counselor to build on them to make your child successful in whatever problem they may be facing.

Our trained child therapy staff at Thriveworks Counseling in Portland, ME would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have on building positive assets in your child or to book an appointment.

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