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Infidelity Counseling in Portland, ME

Within the sacred bounds of a marriage or a loving relationship, there are few things more devastating than the discovery that one half of that marriage or relationship has been unfaithful with somebody else. Infidelity can destroy everything that the faithful partner thought they believed in. Their world is ripped into pieces. It’s very difficult for a marriage or relationship to survive a crisis like infidelity, but with professional counseling for adultery, it’s certainly a possibility.

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Reasons for Committing Adultery

Most of the reasons for infidelity start to occur long before the actual infidelity does. Nature always fills a vacuum, and if a marriage or a relationship becomes empty and devoid of affection, then the chances are that someone will seek that affection elsewhere. This is why communication is key. Relationships/marriages at risk of adultery share many of the following factors:

  • Lack of affection
  • Boredom—lack of “spark”
  • Getting “set in their ways”—no longer making an effort with each other
  • Leaving other problems unaddressed.

Marriages and relationships need nurturing in order to thrive. If they are neglected, something else can easily come in to take its place and cause havoc while doing so.

Professional Counseling for Infidelity

Ideally, a couple will start to nurture their relationship before infidelity happens and thus avoid all of the pain and heartache that goes with that. But if they are too late and it happens, counseling for adultery can help in the following ways:

  • Counseling can help determine if you want to stay together to make it work or not
  • Counseling can put the infidelity into perspective and help identify the underlying symptoms that caused it
  • Counseling can help the faithful partner forgive and the unfaithful partner becomes trustworthy again.

Many marriages and relationships get through this challenge and come out even stronger on the other side if that’s what both partners want. Working with a counselor can make this process easier for many people. If you’re interested in seeing if we can help you, please pick up the phone today and contact Thriveworks in Portland, ME.

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