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All too often people waste far too much time in the wrong career. The consequence of this is a work-life that is simply miserable and bleak. Those who invest their time into good career counseling are much less likely to go through the pain and misery caused by bad career choices. Ending up in the wrong job can lead to the following:

  • Chronic stress
  • Too little reward
  • No or very little hope of progress
  • Locked into a lengthy contract

Vocational counseling can prevent poor career choices from happening in the first place. Quite often a qualified counselor can see things in the client that they are unable to see in themselves. Our career counselors at Thriveworks Counseling in Portland, ME will help you find these strengths and also build upon your weaknesses to build a successful career.

Embrace New Challenges

There can be a lot of new challenges for a person looking for that perfect career. Trying to figure out everything alone can result in failure to secure the occupation they want in the company of their choice. A better approach is to look at challenges as opportunities to shine rather than obstacles to stumble over. Having the right mindset is half the battle here.

Why Work with a Career Counselor?

Qualified career guidance counselors will often know a lot more about what you want and what you’re capable of than you do. They can assist in the following ways:

  • Assume a stanch and passionate “failure is not an option” stance
  • Develop a methodical and workable plan of action
  • Full and realistic awareness of the current jobs market
  • Tools to cope with psychological and emotional stress caused by rejection
  • Develop a killer interview presentation and techniques
  • How to sell yourself professionally
  • Identify both your weak and strong points

There is no “one plan fits all” as each person and their circumstances are unique to them. A professional career counselor knows this. It is why they tailor specific plans around the individual and their circumstances.

Portland career counseling professionals at Thriveworks Counseling have been helping people find their way in life for years. With our expert guidance, job seekers have been able to explore all their options. They then get to go on to make better-informed decisions in their career choices.

Call us today and speak with one of our professional career coaches to see how we may be able to help you move forward in your life.

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