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Disagreements between partners aren’t uncommon, but they can definitely add stress to your relationship and tension to your home. If you and your partner are struggling with an issue in your relationship, couples therapy is a wise idea. The American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists recommends that the sooner you and your partner seek help to resolve your disagreements, the more likely you are to be able to move forward positively together.

Thriveworks Counseling in Portland, ME has couples therapists and other relationship counselors on our team. We can help you and your partner make the necessary reparations in your relationship and improve it as a whole.

Are There More Lows Than Highs in Your Relationship?

All relationships will fluctuate over time, with couples experiencing both highs and lows together. This is completely normal; it would be unnatural to assume that you’ll never have challenging moments or always agree on everything. Often the challenging moments will be overcome; you can resolve arguments and move forward as a couple. But if you and your spouse or partner are feeling stuck on a matter or starting to have more lows than highs, it might be time to address them with a Portland couples counselor.

Some common approaches to couples therapy include The Gottman Method, narrative therapy, and Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy. Remember: All of our Thriveworks counselors get to know their clients before designing their treatment plan. This ensures that they help you put the best foot forward on this journey.

Most Prevalent Relationship Issues

Every couple’s circumstances are unique: your personalities, family dynamic, work-life balance, religion, culture, and many other factors make you different than anyone else. However, despite those factors there are several topics that commonly come up in couples counseling, regardless of the background of the partners. These sticking points may include:

  • Disagreements about finances, including saving and spending
  • Different opinions on how to raise or discipline children
  • Stress from conflicting relationships with extended family
  • Worries about the possibility of infidelity
  • Unhappiness over career changes, overworking or job loss.

Or, the issue you and your spouse need to work on might be something else entirely! Whatever it is you’d like to address in couples therapy, our dedicated couples counselors will offer you the support and insight you require.

Hesitating to Seek Help?

Often, couples will consider but then delay the process of seeking help via Portland couples counseling. They may have been able to resolve issues on their own before, or they might not feel it’s necessary to attend couples therapy if their relationship is otherwise strong. This is exactly the instance in which the AAMFT recommends benefiting from the support of a trained professional. Why wait until that one issue you’re struggling with starts to affect other aspects of your relationship, too?

Portland Couples Counseling at Thriveworks

Did you know that after seeking the guidance and support of a couples counselor, more than 93% of American spouses report feeling better equipped to deal with their issues in the future? That’s a great reason to seek out a Portland couples counselor at Thriveworks Counseling who can facilitate discussion about your issue and help you work towards a positive resolution.

We can provide you with a safe, respectful environment to discuss and resolve whatever is bothering you, helping you to move forward positively together.

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