Couples and Marriage Counseling in Paramus, New Jersey

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Couples and Marriage Counseling in Paramus, New Jersey

You don’t know when you and your partner started to drift apart. You can’t pinpoint one moment when your relationship changed. All you know is something is missing. You went from being madly in love to hardly noticing one another anymore.

You look around at friends, family, and celebrities in the news. While every couple goes through their ups and downs, you don’t want to see your relationship fall apart. You’ve come too far together to let go.

For many, relationship counseling is a powerful tool to avoid separation or divorce, gain insight, and help get a healthy relationship back on track. Thriveworks in Paramus, NJ offers the opportunity to work with a couples therapist to open up lines of communication, regain intimacy, and find fulfillment.

Couples counseling isn’t a sign of weakness; it’s a way to strengthen your bond with the one you love.

Common Reasons to Seek Out Relationship Counseling

A relationship with a loved one is precious. It’s something to hold onto and nurture through thick and thin. However, the storms of life can damage what you have. What used to be so easy can suddenly become strained.

While your situation is unique, you may have a great deal in common with others who are struggling as a couple. It’s time to think about seeing a relationship counselor if:

  • You no longer trust your partner or vice versa
  • Intimacy is difficult between the two of you
  • Someone in your relationship struggles with anger management
  • You have problems raising your children together
  • The lines of communication have broken down
  • One of you is jealous and possessive
  • One of you has experienced trauma or loss
  • Substance abuse is destroying your relationship
  • You spend too much time at work and not enough time on your relationship
  • Honesty is missing in your relationship
  • One of you has given up trying

Whether your problems are major or minor, couples therapy at Thriveworks in Paramus, NJ could be the glue that repairs the damage before it’s too late.

The Benefits of Couples Counseling in Paramus, NJ

If you are thinking about relationship counseling with a couples therapist, you are already taking a step in the right direction. The first step to saving a relationship is admitting that there is a problem and being willing to work on solving it.

You may not even be sure what the problem is. You only know that something has changed, and you want to get back to where you were when your relationship was new, when it was easy to be in love. You want to grow closer together until your bond is as solid as a rock.

Many types of couples therapy options are available to move in the right direction with your partner. Different approaches include:

  • Emotionally focused therapy that focuses on understanding your emotions
  • The Gottman method that uses data about your relationship to pinpoint concerns and how to address them
  • Imago relationship therapy that looks back to how your childhood may have an impact on your relationship as an adult
  • Solution focused therapy that focuses on one problem and how to fix it
  • Narrative therapy that invites couples to share their personal stories
  • Relational life therapy that focuses on traditional gender roles
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy that works on correcting negative patterns of thought

When you turn to a mental health professional at Thriveworks in Paramus, NJ, you will be paired with a caring and experienced relationship therapist. You will have someone you can open up to with complete freedom in a safe environment that is completely confidential.

Our therapists provide a clinical and objective perspective on your relationship to get to the root of your problems and guide you toward solutions. Think of relationship counseling as opening the door to understanding.

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Don’t let what you have with your partner slip between your fingers. Make an appointment with a relationship therapist at Thriveworks today and you could be seen in as little as 24 hours for your first session.

Your needs are important to our counselors. That’s why we offer weekend and evening hours, as well as in-person and telehealth appointments via phone and video chat. We also make ourselves available to patients via e-mail communication, our exclusive member videos, and an ask-a-coach “Dear Abby” style service.

Consider enrolling today and enjoy many benefits, including community discussions, an app that makes it even easier to work with our team, and compassionate therapists who want to see your relationship succeed.

Schedule an appointment today and give your relationship the opportunity to thrive again.

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