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Paramus Online Counseling — Virtual Therapists in New Jersey

The stresses and challenges of everyday life can quickly take a toll on both the mind and spirit. Consider the single parent struggling to raise her children and working full time. Or the student juggling a long distance relationship, a full course load, and high anxiety about their future career path. Or the grandparents, newly retired, facing physical illness and intimacy issues.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your own struggles or are fed up with trying to handle them on your own, Thriveworks Counseling may be a great next step. Therapy can help you heal past traumas, resolve relationship issues and deal with important life decisions. In short, it can help you regain a sense of balance and happiness in your life.

Online counseling options are on the rise and make the most sense for many working professionals and busy parents. The convenience of online sessions eliminates the drive time for commuters and accommodates those who may otherwise be unable to attend in-person appointments. Plus, online counseling can help newcomers feel more at ease as they get started from the comfort of their own.

If you’re feeling “stuck” in your life and are ready to make a change, consider making an appointment with Thriveworks in Paramus, NJ. Online counseling services may be the best gift you can give yourself this year.

What Types of Therapy are Offered Online?

Traditional therapy sessions and online mental health services offer many of the same benefits. However, there are certain instances when someone may not be able to pursue traditional therapy sessions in an office, at least at the onset.

Perhaps they don’t feel comfortable meeting in-person with a licensed mental health professional and need some time to warm up to the idea of counseling. Or maybe they may have scheduling conflicts because they have children or an on-the-clock job that makes in-person therapy appointments less convenient.

Whatever the reason, our licensed counselors in Paramus realize that flexibility is such a significant part of seeking therapy, so we are happy to offer online counseling services that cover a range of mental health needs, such as:

  • Marriage counseling and couples therapy
  • Depression therapy and anxiety therapy
  • Family therapy and child therapy
  • PTSD counseling and trauma therapy
  • Grief and loss counseling
  • Teen counseling

If you’ve been thinking about seeking therapy but can’t seem to make it work in your schedule, online counseling may be a great option for you.

How does online therapy work?

Digital technology has transformed the way individuals receive mental health therapy. Instead of only relying on face-to-face appointments, our Paramus counselors are available by video chat, phone calls, email, and text message when you need to talk.

The length of an online therapy session will depend on your unique needs and your counselor’s recommendations for treatment. You can schedule regular meetings with one of our online therapists similar to traditional therapy, which typically range between 45 to 60 minutes per session, but you can also access our online counselors during the week or weekend if you need additional support.

Our Paramus therapists  treat mental health issues as effectively online as they could face-to-face, especially as it pertains to depression, social anxiety, panic disorders, couples counseling, and so on. When you schedule an appointment on our website or by phone (more on that below), you can choose which counselor you’d like to meet with, as well as how you’d like to meet with them — online, in person, or a combination of both.

Having multiple options for therapy services is what makes Thriveworks so unique. You can finally have control over your mental health journey with our flexible and convenient approach to care.

Schedule an Online Counseling Session at Thriveworks in Paramus, NJ

Whether you are looking for online counseling opportunities by phone or video, Thriveworks has an opening for you. We offer early morning, late evening, and weekend appointments to help accommodate even the most difficult scheduling challenges. New clients can typically get an appointment within 24 hours so you can get help quickly.

Our providers and online counseling professionals are available by email and phone between appointments. Clients also have access to moderated community discussion and “Dear Abby” style Q&As to get answers to pressing questions.

If you have been suffering through a stressful situation, know that you are not alone. Call or contact us today and learn more about working with a Thriveworks counselor online. We accept most major insurance carriers and are ready to help you get back on track.

Schedule a session with a Thriveworks provider

Our providers help people make meaningful advances in their lives. We accept most insurances, and offer weekend and evening sessions.

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