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People can often make their career decisions unnecessarily confounded. Overcomplicating these things only serves to give them a lot of headaches and undue hassles. Most understand that they need career counseling, that’s not the problem. The problem is that many don’t realize that this is not a one-stop activity. To get the most out of vocational counseling it needs to be a process. If you are interested in beginning this process, consider reaching out to Thriveworks Counseling in Orlando, FL. Our Career counselors would be happy to help you on this important journey.

Being ill-prepared at a time when you need to be organized causes disarray and unwarranted stress. The way to get organized is to have some ideas down before you even make that first visit to a career counselor. At the very least make sure these are on your checklist:

  • Know what your true interests and passions are (you will be asked about this)
  • Understand what your abilities are, along with any inabilities you might have
  • Make a note of your personal preferences
  • Note down any questions you might have for the career guidance counselor

What Does a Career Counselor Do?

First, let’s look at what a qualified career counselor does not do. They are not there to make decisions for you, they are there to guide. The best way they can help you to help yourself is to take their guidance seriously. The initial things your counselor will want to know about you include:

  • They want to learn about you and your interests from the outset (don’t hold back)
  • Understand your strengths and your weaknesses
  • Your medium and long term goals and ambitions
  • Your socialization skills (the way you communicate with others)

Regarding that last point, there has been a huge decline in socialization skills these past generations with younger people. Some blame it on technology; living in the online virtual world. Whatever the reason, this is an area that is crucial for anyone competing in careers and for jobs.

Career Counseling is Complex

Career counseling can be both complex and multi-faceted. Orlando vocational counseling can help people find their voice. We often reveal options that clients didn’t know existed. We can’t find a career or a job for you, but we can guide you and show you the way. Thriveworks counselors in Orlando, FL can hand you the tools so that you can march forward with more ability, confidence and understanding.

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Thriveworks Counseling Orlando


I was feeling very low missing my family. Brett gave me a new perspective felt very hopeful after speaking to him .
Thriveworks Counseling Orlando


I was feeling really down about Being separated from my loved ones due to COVID . Brett gave me hope and a whole new outlook. Very wise man .
Thriveworks Counseling Orlando

Margaret Keig

Hi I was a prior supervisor for Margaret in California where she did her post degree internship. She was a very skilled clinician who had many kids that were high-risk and lived in low-income families. Her relationship and interactive approach was very successful with these children and families. I was impressed with her skill and abilities. I would highly recommend her. Vicci
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