Psychological Testing in Newport News, VA—Personality Testing, IQ Testing, and More

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Psychological Testing in Newport News, VA—Personality Testing, IQ Testing, and More

Have you ever pursued mental health treatment? Maybe you’ve spent time with a counselor who helped you manage your mental health challenges and achieve more in life. This is a multi-beneficial service that can help you find greater health and happiness. However, sometimes your mental health doesn’t or shouldn’t stop there. Sometimes, you can benefit from working with a psychologist who can provide you with psychological testing.

Psychological testing can help identify and diagnosis mental illness; it can assess one for learning disorders and disabilities; it can evaluate one’s IQ and help them secure a spot in a gifted and talented program; it can help one better understand their personality strengths and weaknesses. The functionalities and benefits of psychological testing are many!

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”


If you’re interested in finding out more about psychological testing and yourself, reach out to Thriveworks Newport News, VA. Our psychologists can provide you with IQ testing, personality testing, achievement testing, differential diagnosis assessments, ADHD testing, and more. To learn more about these services keep reading. To schedule an appointment or talk to our scheduling team more about psychological testing at Thriveworks Newport News Counseling, contact our office at (757) 657-8088. We’ll help you find the information you’re looking for or get you all set up for your first session.

How Does Psychological Testing Work?

Psychological testing can help many people in different ways. “There are literally hundreds of assessments,” says Sean Hayes PsyD of Thriveworks Counseling in Sterling, VA. “Some assessments have people answer open-ended questions, such as what they might see on an inkblot. This is known as the Rorschach. Others are more structured and are designed to identify specific problems, like suicidal ideation or problems in daily functioning.” However, the gist is that psychological testing can assess one’s symptoms, thoughts, tendencies, personality traits, and more to help the individual better understand themselves. The psych testing results can also help the individual’s healthcare provider come up with a plan that will help the individual moving forward. For example, if they are diagnosed with anxiety or depression, their psychologist can come up with a treatment plan that might involve therapy and/or medication.

There are many different psychological tests and assessments. That said, there are a few common approaches, which include:

  • Observing the individual’s behavior
  • Interviewing the individual or having them fill out a self-report
  • Collecting, analyzing, and processing a variety of information

These can prove helpful in evaluating and learning more about the individual. Now, your specific needs and goals for testing will determine which approach your psychologist utilizes. Remember: your Thriveworks Newport News psychologist will always have your best interest in mind as they conduct their tests and move forward with your treatment.

Psychological Tests and Assessments Offered at Thriveworks Newport News

The psychologists at Thriveworks Newport News Counseling specialize in a few different psychological tests and assessments. They can offer: personality testing, IQ testing, achievement testing, differential diagnosis assessments, and ADHD testing. You can find more info about these services below:

  1. IQ testing: IQ testing, or intelligence testing, measures one’s cognitive abilities. This is a very commonly sought-after psychological test, as it can fulfill many different needs. For example, it can come in handy in educational placement, assessment of a job candidate, job research, and so on.
  2. Personality testing: Personality testing simply assesses one’s personality. This type of testing can lead to the diagnosis of a personality disorder as well as help an individual better understand why he or she thinks or acts the way they do.
  3. Achievement testing: Achievement testing simply measures an individual’s knowledge or skill level. The most common type of achievement testing is a standardized test which assesses one’s skills and knowledge at a specific grade level.
  4. Differential diagnosis assessments: Differential diagnosis is necessary when an individual experiences symptoms that are common amongst many different mental health conditions. It ultimately helps their psychologist narrow down which illness they have.
  5. ADHD testing: Finally, Thriveworks Newport News can offer ADHD testing, which evaluates how one thinks and behaves. These thought and behavior patterns are then compared to the symptoms of ADHD.

If you are pursuing any of the above tests for you or your child, consider reaching out to Thriveworks Newport News Counseling. We would be delighted to help you.

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You can schedule an appointment for IQ testing, personality testing, achievement testing, differential diagnosis assessment, or ADHD testing at Thriveworks Newport News Counseling now. Our scheduling team is on standby, ready to schedule your appointment as soon as you call!

You can reach our office at (757) 657-8088. Call Thriveworks Newport News Counseling today. We look forward to helping you better understand yourself or your child!

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