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You have worked hard to establish yourself as the go-to person at the office. You coworkers can rely upon you for consistency and help. Yes, you are logging long hours on the clock, but it is paying off—your career is flourishing. You have already earned several promotions, and you are set to take on an executive position soon. Life should be perfect, right? Wrong. With advancement, new challenges have also arisen, both personally and professionally. Maybe you can relate to one of these scenarios…

  • Your first child was just born. The sleepless nights are throwing you off during the day at work. Also, you feel your priorities changing. You want to strike a healthier work/life balance, but how?
  • Your parents are getting older. Although they live in an assisted living home, they need more and more care from family members. You want to be there for them without cutting back too much at work. What are your next steps?
  • A recent medical diagnosis has required you to slow down. You think that you can continue with your current employer, but you need to approach them about adjusting your job. What is the best strategy?
  • You love your job, you think. At least, at one point, you loved your job. Now, you are not sure. You do not know whether to stay the course or pursue something new. What you would really like is just to think through the options.
  • Your teen is struggling, and you are not sure how to respond. Do you need to cut back at work? Do you need to pull in another family member to help? You have tried everything you know and feel stuck.

Many people are wrestling with ever-expanding personal and career responsibilities. Handling just one’s personal life or just one’s professional life would be challenging enough, but for most people, their personal and professional lives are intertwined. Making tough choices in one aspect of life may mean making sacrifices in another. Many people are reaching out for help from a life coach to help them.

If you want an experienced and skilled sounding board for tough decisions or if you want guidance on how to prioritize all of life’s demands, then consider making an appointment with a life coach. A lot of people are seeking out coaching as a way to achieve a goal or establish a healthy, balanced life.

The life coaches at Thriveworks Newport News know the process of growth and change. Whether you are working on your personal life, professional life, or both, know that we have helped many clients clarify their priorities and reach their goals.

Growing in Self-Awareness

Many people struggle with clarity of vision because so many outside forces and expectations are vying for their attention. One way that life coaches can help people combat these distractions is by increasing their self-awareness. When people know themselves well, they can distinguish between what is good and what is god for them at this time.

When people make goals and plans based upon their priorities, strengths, and weaknesses, then life often runs more smoothly. There are many methods of that life coaches use to help people become more self-aware, but one is “The Miracle Question.” There are many varieties of the miracle question but the basic task is the same: Take a moment to dream. Suspend reality, and then observe what desires arise. For example, the miracle question may ask…

  • If you had all the time and educational opportunities in the world, what would your dream job be?
  • If money/family commitments/job were not factors, where you want to reside?
  • Where would you travel on your dream vacation? What would you do and how long would you stay if you could?
  • What types of relationships would you invest in if you had the time and social skills? What kind of people would you pursue?

Take a moment to answer these questions for yourself. The daily grind often leaves little room for dreaming, but people’s hopes and desires often reveal much about what they value and where their talents lie.

Why Work with a Life Coach?

Dreaming is a great start, but those ideas also need to be translated into real-life goals and actions. Skilled life coaches understand the important of both: self-discovery that leads to action.

Consider, for example, some of the reasons people have sought life coaching at Thriveworks Newport News:

  • They want it all. Many clients aim for the stars and want the big family, the blossoming career, and the action-packed hobbies. These clients also often struggle with stress and balance. Life coaches can help these people with techniques to manage their stress. They may also help them strategize a way to have it all—just not all at one time.
  • They are facing an unforeseen or challenging life transition. Divorce. Cancer. Lay-offs. These are words that can change people’s lives on a dime. A once predictable life is now unwieldy and chaotic. Navigating new terrain is a challenge, but there is help. Skilled life coaches are familiar with a variety of life circumstances and strategies for moving forward.

Thriveworks Newport News—Coaching Appointments

If you think that life coaching is the right next step for you, know that that Thriveworks Newport News has appointments for life coaching available. Our coaches are also professionally licensed mental health counselors and have helped many clients with their personal and/or professional goals.

Our office accepts most forms of insurance, and we offer evening and weekend sessions. We do not keep a waitlist, but our hope is that each client receives the care they need, when they need it. Most new clients are able to see their coach within 24 hours of their first call.

If you are ready to meet with a coach, we are ready too. Call Thriveworks Newport News today.

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a family member. I found it very easy to pour my feelings & concerns out on the table, because Dr. Jones was very warm and genuine. Dr. Jones gave me some valuable information and the process of therapy to consider. I will relay this information to my family and see if they would like to have a session with Dr. Jones.

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Thriveworks Counseling NewportNews

Very helpful

I went to therapy here for about 3 months, and only stopped because I moved. It was a wonderful place, the sta...Read more

ff is incredibly kind, and Thriveworks has a great customer service base that can be contacted anytime. Despite this being a new location, the quality of service is great. The counselors are very professional and helpful. I saw Patricia Jones, and she helped me a lot with my anxiety, depression, and panic attack issues. In my short time with her, I definitely left feeling much better and with many tools in my belt to use in the future. She not only helped me through the issues I started going to her for, but helped me find other areas in my life where improvement was needed. Overall, it was a great experience. My only issue was that each session began with paying for the session, which made the sessions seem more clinical and about the money than about the therapy. However, this was the only issue and was not reflective of the care during appointments at all!

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Thriveworks Counseling NewportNews

Caring and Professional

I have known Stephanie for approximately 13 years professionally. She is professional, caring, and resourcefu...Read more

l. She places the needs of her clients first and empowers them to reach their highest potential.

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