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A family is a system that knits together each member’s life, for better or worse, for rich or poor. When family systems function in harmony, life is great. Each family member gives. Each family member receives. People can feel connected, satisfied, and happy.

But it is common knowledge that family members are not always in balance. Working together can easily turn into working again each other. Life can also throw families into crisis with an unexpected emergency. Families face significant challenges if they want to remain in balance and relate in a healthy manner.

What is your family going through right now? Maybe you and your spouse disagree about parenting choices, and in the meantime, your children are confused about expectations. Maybe lack of communication has led to distance between family members. Maybe an unhealthy family pattern is harming family members. Maybe one person’s depression or anxiety is taking a toll on the whole family.

These common but difficult challenges can either draw families closer together or push them apart. Family therapy is not a quick-fix or an easy answer, but when families as a whole become healthier, their individual member often reap the most benefits. Family therapy may be the path forward your family needs to re-establish its balance.

The problems that each family faces are unique, but the therapists at Thriveworks Newport News know that every family has challenges. It is normal. Overcoming those challenges can be normal too. That is why Thriveworks Newport News provides family therapy. We want families to solve life’s challenges together.

How Can Family Therapy Help?

The main idea in family therapy is people are best understood through the context of their family. Families can shape people’s beliefs, behaviors, and identities. They exert significant influence, whether people love their families or want to run away from their families. Whether people like the connection or not, individual family members are interwoven, and what happens to one person can influence many others in the family.

Generally speaking, the connection works for both healthy and unhealthy influences. When one person faces a challenge, many others may feel the weight. When one person grows healthier, many others may experience the benefits. When the family faces a problem together, they have the opportunity to respond in a way that benefits individuals but also the family as a whole.

More specifically, here are a handful of challenges that families have faced and overcome through family therapy:

  1. Unforeseen crises such as family death, job loss, or loss of home.
  2. Permissive parenting and uncontrollable children.
  3. Domineering parenting and disobedient children.
  4. A marriage that lacks connection.
  5. A special-needs family member who needs substantial care.
  6. Hormonal changes within a child or parent that may be causing or increasing conflict.
  7. A family member (or members) with unmet needs.
  8. Unresolved tension/strain in family relationships.
  9. A family member facing a mental illness diagnosis.
  10. Insufficient/no premarital therapy and/or marriage maintenance counseling.

There is no magic formula that will bring peace and harmony to families, but improved relationships can happen when family members are willing to work together.

Through therapy, families may explore how each individual’s love language, personality type, and birth order affect how the family relate. They may learn how to relate in new ways that respect each other’s needs and gifts.

When families put in the work to become healthier, their efforts are often rewarded. Strong families may experience…

  • Secure parent/child attachment with the possibility of children bringing that benefit into their future relationships.
  • Fewer instances of neglect and abuse.
  • Improved coping skills for handling stress and adversity.
  • Less anxiety and depression-related conditions.
  • Reduced risk of poverty as shared earners increase potential for income.

Scheduling Family Counseling at Thriveworks Newport News, VA

The counselors at Thriveworks Newport News know how …

  1. Every challenge has the potential to bring families closer together.
  2. Families can make significant progress by listening and empathizing.
  3. Every individual in the family deserves a voice.
  4. To focus on the challenge—not on blame.

Is your family experiencing some of the challenges previously listed? Are you growing together or falling apart? If it is time for a more peaceful, balance home, know that family therapy appointments are available at Thriveworks Newport News.

Our goal is that every client who walks through our doors receives the excellent care they deserve. That is why we offer convenient weekend and evening session. That is why we do not keep waitlists, but our clients often see their therapists within 24 hours of calling to schedule an appointment. That is why a person answers our calls and assists our clients. That is why we accept most insurance plans.

Support for families is available. Call Thriveworks Newport News today to work with a family therapist or psychologist.

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