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When you are in a happy, calm, fulfilling relationship, this can be a source of incredible joy. However, when a relationship is wrought with arguments, disagreements, and frustration, it brings more stress to your life than happiness. Whether you are dealing with a marriage, a long-term committed relationship, or even find yourself with a new love, none of these relationships are immune to difficulties. When you connect with a Thriveworks Newport News couples counselor, you are taking the first step in strengthening your relationship.

Although the old saying might try to convince us that, “Love is all you need,” this is simply not true. Love is a needed starting point in any relationship or marriage, but healthy communication, honesty, fairness, and mutual respect are almost nearly as important. These simple principles are not present in many relationships, no matter how deep the love, and that lack of respect and healthy interaction can cause great stress. Thriveworks Newport News couples counselors or psychologists are ready to help you create the relationship that you once had, or have always been looking for.

Why Consider Couples Counseling?

You may be surprised to find yourself and your partner experiencing an intense crisis in your relationship, complete with raised voices, angry looks, and serious pain. Perhaps you are questioning everything you thought you thought you knew about your partner. The couples counselors at Thriveworks in Newport News VA are ready to partner with you and your significant other to evaluate the relationship and determine the best steps for moving forward.

Perhaps you just know that your relationship could be better; healthier, with better communication and respect. You crave a deeper and more meaningful connection. You feel distant from your partner and you cannot share your deepest thoughts and feelings. You know your dreams for your relationship are not impossible. If you are ready to strengthen your relationship, call Thriveworks Newport News couples counselors to begin your journey.

Identify the Problems

Couples counseling can be helpful in many relationships, no matter the source of the difficulties. Alone, it can be very difficult to identify the cause of the strain in your relationship. When you are so deeply entrenched in the highs and lows, day in and day out, it is difficult to see the objective truth. Identifying the starting point of misunderstandings and conflict can help you move past this problem and develop new ways of coping and interacting. Thriveworks Newport News couples counselors and psychologists are experts in this area and can help you take this first step.

Problems in a relationship can have many sources, such as:

  • Lack of trust
  • Established patterns of unhealthy communication
  • Infidelity
  • Financial problems
  • Sick or troublesome child
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Addictions
  • Lost job or change in career
  • Health problems
  • Emotional or psychological issues

Whatever the source of the problems in your relationship, help is available. It can be difficult to communicate the concerns about your relationship to your partner. You may feel apprehensive about voicing your thoughts.

You may not be able to identify any one problem or source of trouble in your relationship. You may feel discontent and simply unhappy, without being able to establish a cause. This is not an uncommon relationship status and is also not a hopeless situation.

Two people can sometimes work through problems on their own, but oftentimes couples need professional help to learn how to interact in a healthy, positive way. Harmful patterns of behavior that have been present for weeks, months, years, or even decades, are not easily broken, but change is possible. Working with a Thriveworks Newport News couples counselor can teach both members of the relationship the tools necessary to break negative patterns of behavior and communication.

Create Real Change

There are many methods for changing patterns of behavior in a relationship. Your Thriveworks Newport News couples counselor or psychologist can give you the tools necessary to stop harmful interactions from happening, and can help create the framework for establishing loving, positive actions in their place.

Some of these ideas for change may include:

  • Recognizing and acknowledging problems
  • Identifying the source of your problems
  • Listening to your partner
  • Acknowledging and respecting your partner’s feelings
  • Being honest and clear about your feelings and emotions
  • Changing negative patterns of response and reaction
  • Developing new tools for creating healthy communication
  • Maintaining and fostering intimacy
  • Dealing with underlying psychological issues or addictions

Does this sound overwhelming? It is hard for you to imagine your negative cycles of behavior changing? Do you feel unprepared to confront your partner or spouse with your concerns? Do you and your partner know you need help but have no idea where to turn?

Thriveworks Couples Counselors Are Ready to Help

You are not alone. Thriveworks couples counselors in Newport News VA are ready to help you tackle the problems in your relationship, whether big or small. We have licensed experts in this field that can help you and your partner identify the source of your problems. We can help you create and develop new, healthy ways to deal with these problems. Together, we can help you build the relationship that you have always wanted. We appreciate your desire to improve your life, and we have the expertise to help you make that change.

The difficulties in your relationship may have recently developed, and you are urgently searching for help. Alternatively, perhaps it is difficult to imagine a time when you and your partner were not struggling and you have searched and thought about calling many, many times before. Now is the time.

We are ready to help now, right at this moment. We do not have a waiting list and we have appointments available immediately. You and your partner do not have to struggle alone for one more day. Help is merely a call or a message away. Thriveworks Newport News couples counselors can help you and your partner create the healthy, loving, and respectful relationship that you both need.

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