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Online counseling is growing in prevalence and popularity. The main selling point is that it allows individuals to attend their therapy sessions from the comfort, convenience, and security of home. It also allows them to attend from work, their car, or a local coffee shop if they have to. Additionally, online counseling offers anonymity to those who don’t want to share their identity with their therapist or those who worry about disclosing their decision to work with a therapist to friends and family. All without surrendering the meaningful work that one achieves in counseling and therapy.

I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can

adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”

–Jimmy Dean

In addition to the offerings mentioned above, online counseling is a reliable mental health service. With in-person counseling, sometimes external elements get in one’s way of making it to their appointment on time, be it traffic, bad weather, or a sudden cough. With online counseling, you typically don’t have to worry about these factors getting in your way. This means that you also don’t have to worry about going through the trouble to cancel or reschedule your appointments.

Thriveworks Newport News, VA is proud to offer online counseling services. We want to help the people of Newport News find and secure the mental health services they are looking for. If you think that online counseling is the right counseling option for you, give us a call. You can reach us at (757) 657-8088. Our scheduling team will be happy to assist you and get you all set up for your first online therapy counseling session.

Who Can Benefit from Online Counseling Services?

The Thriveworks team strongly believes that everyone can benefit in some way from working with a skilled and caring counselor or life coach. Now, there are hurdles that commonly prevent people from receiving this mental health help, which include: lack of accessibility, fear and stigma, and scheduling issues. Fortunately, online counseling services prove to be a great solution for many of these hurdles. In other words, if you recognize the value that you could find in counseling but haven’t had the right opportunity to get started, consider online counseling at Thriveworks Newport News, VA.

To better understand the benefits of online counseling and whether or not online counseling is right for you, consider the following scenarios:

  1. Alex is looking for a male therapist who specializes in depression therapy and has evening or weekend availability. So far, he hasn’t had any luck. He’s scoured the web for local therapists and counselors but can’t seem to find one that meets his needs. Fortunately, Alex stumbles across an online counseling service, which allows him to meet with a therapist in the next city over who meets his needs! Instead of driving an hour to get to his appointment with this therapist, he’s able to work with him over video chat.
  2. Grayson knows everything there is to know about counseling… without ever actually attending a counseling appointment. She’s looked into local online counseling opportunities and recognizes the benefits, but worries that her loved ones will find out about her decision. She isn’t ashamed of seeking counseling services, she only worries that her family will become concerned about her and would rather keep the decision to herself—at least for now. Fortunately, she discovers an online counseling program and recognizes all of its benefits. Grayson books an appointment right away and attends her first session over the phone.

Can you relate to either of the above scenarios? Are you having trouble finding a qualified counselor nearby who can meet all of your needs? Or, are you interested in therapy but you prefer to remain anonymous and keep your loved ones out of the loop (for now, at least)? In either case, online counseling at Thriveworks Newport News can offer a solution.

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Thriveworks Newport News, VA counselors are ready to help you right now! You can choose to work with your counselor, therapist, or coach, over the phone or via video chat. Either way, we’re happy to help. Call us at (757) 657-8088 to schedule your appointment.

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