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Abbey has never strayed far from her hometown. In fact, when she graduated from college, she moved into an apartment right down the street from her childhood home. But now, she’s leaving it all behind—everything but the memories—to pursue her dream job in New York City. At first, she’s elated by excitement. Quickly, though, these positive feelings fade as she transitions. She has trouble making friends, fitting in at her new job, and stepping out of her comfort zone to try new activities.

This character, Abbey, is running into challenges that many people are confronted with in their lifetime. Often, we aren’t sure how to meet new people or try new things in an uncomfortable and unfamiliar environment, nor do we feel super confident as the new person in the office. Fortunately, however, there is a service we can utilize to confront these (and other) challenges and become our very best person: life coaching. Life coaches help their clients with various challenges and ultimately help them thrive in life. If you think you could benefit from working with a life coach, reach out to Thriveworks McLean.

What Exactly Is Life Coaching?

Have you ever felt “stuck” in life? Like you’ve been running through the motions, but you aren’t making any real progress? This is where life coaching comes in. Life coaches can give you that push in the right direction. They can assist you in determining what’s holding you back. They can motivate you to set bigger goals. They can help you make tough decisions, say between this or that job.

Life coaching is designed to help individuals achieve greater happiness and success in life. Life coaches see many different clients, including: recent grads who aren’t sure what’s next, CEOs who need to find greater fulfillment in their career, and even older retired folks who are looking for meaning in life again. Needs and goals in life coaching vary for each client. Whatever the situation, a life coach can help.

What Are the Benefits of Life Coaching?

Here at Thriveworks, we believe that everyone can benefit from working with a skilled mental health professional. If you’re facing challenges that stand in your way of happiness or success, a life coach will likely benefit you. They will customize your life coaching sessions based on your unique situation, experiences, needs, and goals. That said, many find the same benefits in working with a life coach. Here’s how a life coach can change your life:

  • They can offer unbiased support and guidance.
  • They can help you better understand your needs.
  • They can offer techniques and strategies for reaching your goals.
  • They can help you keep yourself accountable.
  • They can encourage you when you’re feeling unmotivated.
  • They’ll help you build a stronger self-esteem.
  • They can aid your personal development advancements.
  • They can assist you in finding greater success and happiness in life.

In summary, if you choose to work with a life coach, you’re investing in a happy, successful life. The life coaches at Thriveworks Mclean have the necessary skills, experience, and care to help you reach your goals and make important decisions that will mold the course of your life from here on out.

What Does a Life Coaching Session Look Like?

As we touched on briefly above, life coaching is tailored to best help each client. However, a life coach’s main mission is to aid their client’s efforts in furthering their success or happiness. These efforts might be related to personal or professional goals. Some examples include:

  • Earning a bachelor’s or master’s degree
  • Being rewarded with a promotion
  • Adjusting to a major life change
  • Embarking on a new career path
  • Reaching new fitness goals
  • Feeling happy alone again after a breakup

Life coaches pull from a variety of techniques to help their clients push their self-perceived boundaries, take important strides toward great accomplishments, and ultimately become their very best selves.

Schedule an Appointment at Thriveworks McLean in Fairfax, VA

Life is rarely a piece of cake. Instead, you have to work at an amazing, rewarding life. If you think that you could benefit from the assistance of a life coach, reach out to Thriveworks McLean. We will set you up with a life coach who will help you identify your needs and greatest desires and then assist you in coming up with a plan to fulfill them.

Our life coaches are passionate about helping their clients reach greater happiness and success in life. They are eager to meet with you and kickstart this journey. To schedule an appointment, just give Thriveworks McLean a call.

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Anna is incredibly respectful, professional, and compassionate. She has a strong dedication to operational and clinical excellence. Anna has proven successful outcomes for clients that she has treated. Anna is extremely knowledgeable with numerous clinics interventions and modalities. Her drive to help others is unmatched, and I believe she would make an excellent addition to the thrive works community.
Thriveworks Counseling McLean

Anna is a wonderful counselor.

Anna is wonderful! She brings her kindness, humor and tons of experience to her counseling relationships, and yet in her kind way she also knows when to call it how she sees it in a way that does not make you feel judged and makes you feel understood. Highly recommend.
Thriveworks Counseling McLean

Knowledgeable, confident, and easy to talk to!

As a colleague, I cannot recommend Anna enough to anyone looking for a therapist. I have worked with Anna for years and trust her completely. Anna is warm, welcoming, and professional. She also has a multitude of experience working with diverse populations and is eclectic in her approach, getting to know her clients and utilizing tools and skills that she know will work best for their situation.
Thriveworks Counseling McLean

Excellent therapist

Are you looking for an excellent therapist? I cannot recommend Anna Sihon enough. She's open, patient, non-judgemental, has a great sense of humor, and is extremely culturally competent (especially with the Latinx community).
Thriveworks Counseling McLean

Dr. Jonies Thoms

I have worked with Dr. Jonies Thomas over the years in a professional capacity, and have only good things about her. She has an engaging and patient interpersonal style that resonated with our patients. She brings a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to any interaction, and it is clear that she is passionate about what she does.
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