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Does Thriveworks offer psychiatric services?

Yes, we offer comprehensive psychiatric services to meet your mental health needs.

How does psychiatry work?

Psychiatry allows people struggling to manage mental conditions or disorders to get access to medications that will make daily functioning easier, as well as work through any mental factors that might be causing or worsening their condition. Though medications can’t cure mental disorders, medication can make symptoms more manageable, making the process of psychotherapeutic treatment easier and more effective. Psychiatric care can be available through in-person psychiatry and online psychiatry, depending on where you live and your own preferences. However, psychiatric providers at Thriveworks in McLean, VA specifically offer online psychiatry to their clients.

What is the difference between a mental health therapist & psychiatrist?

A therapist has an education specifically rooted in therapeutic practice, approaches, techniques, and treatment. They cannot prescribe medications for clients, though they often refer clients to psychiatrists for medication management. Psychiatrists are medically trained doctors who specialize in mental health treatment, mainly through medication management and prescription, though they can also practice therapy.

What is a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner (NP)?

A Psychiatry Nurse Practitioner (NP) is a highly trained and licensed professional who specializes in mental health care. They are qualified to diagnose and treat mental health conditions, prescribe medications, and provide therapy. Psychiatric NPs at Thriveworks are qualified to prescribe medications for a variety of mental health conditions. They work closely with you to develop a personalized treatment plan.

How do psychiatric providers diagnose?

Oftentimes, psychiatrists or psychiatric professionals will perform a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation, which involves an in-depth discussion about your symptoms, medical history, and current medications. Once they reach a diagnosis, they may suggest starting certain medications depending on your condition and the intensity of your symptoms.

Can I receive psychiatric services online?

Yes. At Thriveworks, we offer online-only psychiatry services for optimal comfort and convenience.

How long does psychiatry last?

Psychiatric services at Thriveworks McLean can last for as little or as much time as the client needs to reach their treatment goals, whether that be a month or two or over the course of a year. Treatment length is heavily dependent on the condition(s) being treated, the course of treatment, and the client’s goals for treatment.

Is anxiety treated with psychiatry?

Psychiatrists are mental health professionals who can prescribe anxiety medication and provide therapeutic treatment for anxiety, although not all psychiatrists offer therapy. At Thriveworks, medication management is via online psychiatry sessions.

Does Thriveworks accept insurance for psychiatric services?

Yes, Thriveworks accepts most major insurance plans. We strive to make mental health care accessible and affordable for everyone.

Need more help deciding?

Life throws challenges and obstacles our way. Luckily, counseling is designed to help people work through those challenges and learn how to prepare for future conflicts that come up. Whether you are struggling with relationship problems, everyday stresses, or mental health conditions, there are treatment options for you. Working with a psychiatrist is one of them. Psychiatrists and nurse practitioners are credentialed and trained in knowing when a client needs medication, what medication would work best for them, how much medication they need, and how often they should take it.

A feeling is no longer the same when it comes the second time.

It dies through the awareness of its return. We become tired and

weary of our feelings when they come too often and last too long.”

–Pascal Mercier

Here at Thriveworks McLean Counseling in the Fairfax area, we are happy to offer online medication management to our clients. Your psychiatrist will be able to help you conveniently via telephone or video chat. If you are having symptoms of a mental health condition that may require treatment in the form of therapy or medication, consider reaching out to Thriveworks McLean. Call (571) 589-4042 to connect with one of our scheduling specialists who can get you started.

Who Can Medication Management Benefit?

Medication management is designed to help people manage their medication. Our psychiatrists and nurse practitioners, once getting to know you and your individual needs and goals, will be able to decide which medication would work best for you. There are many different reasons why someone may seek the help of a psychiatrist, some of them being:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • PTSD or trauma
  • Eating disorders
  • Addiction or substance abuse

If medication is the right option for you, it’s important to disclose any of your health histories to ensure that the wrong medication is not prescribed. Make sure you provide any information regarding medications you are already taking, any allergies you have currently or have had in the past, and ask your psychiatrist any specific questions you may have prior to starting a new medication.

People often assume that only the most severe of mental illnesses require medication. This is not always true. People who have mild cases of their mental illness can also greatly benefit from using medication alongside their counseling sessions. This depends on each individual, their challenges, and past treatment history. For example:

Mike struggles with severe anxiety and can’t remember the last time he went a whole day without feeling so anxious that it causes him to shut down and retreat home. Savannah also has anxiety, but on a milder basis. She’s able to perform day to day tasks but has episodes of anxiety when she feels stressed, has a bad memory, or is meeting someone new for the first time.

While both people battle anxiety differently, they could both benefit from a medication that helps them control their symptoms and live a happier, more productive life.

Benefits of Working with an Online Psychiatrist

Tackling personal and mental health issues can be hard, especially to do alone. When taking medication is the right path for you, it’s crucial to be open and honest about your experiences. Some different medications that you might be prescribed by a nurse practitioner or psychiatrist may include:

  • Mood stabilizers
  • Cognitive enhancers
  • Antidepressants

At Thriveworks McLean Counseling, we have a client-centered approach to care. We believe that we can accompany and help you on your mental health journey, and we dedicate ourselves to providing you with the tools, resources, and guidance you need. Open communication is important in medication management so please do not hesitate to say something if you feel like a different medication might work better for you or if you are having unwanted side effects.

Working with a psychiatrist online goes beyond just the benefits of accurately and safely managing your medications. The ability to speak with your psychiatrist from home, work, or virtually anywhere else in the world is convenient, comfortable, and reliable. It eliminates the need for driving to an office and you don’t have to worry about outside factors like weather, traffic, or having to stay late at work.

Schedule an Appointment with an Online Psychiatrist at Thriveworks McLean, VA

Here at Thriveworks McLean Counseling in the Fairfax area, we believe that everyone deserves the proper treatment and help they need to battle the issues they are experiencing. If you feel like you could benefit from working with a psychiatrist or nurse practitioner for your mental illness, consider reaching out. We have flexible scheduling to include regular daytime hours, evenings, and weekends. To get started, visit our online booking system or by calling (571) 589-4042. We can’t wait to hear from you and start this journey together.

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Our therapists accept most major insurances. We accept 585+ insurance plans, and offer self-pay options, too.
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Thriveworks helped me realize that I do believe people can change. I’m not the person I was three months ago, broken and fearful. I’m healthy and happy and for the first time being kind to myself. Thank you for giving me my life back.
Read more Thriveworks helped me realize that I do believe people can change. I’m not the person I was three months ago, broken and fearful. I’m healthy and happy and for the first time being kind to myself. Thank you for giving me my life back.
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