Talk with a Psychologist in McKinney, TX 

Talk with a Psychologist in McKinney, TX 

Preston recently cut ties with a friend group that has been an unhealthy influence in his life for a long time. Even though he has other connections and his family to lean upon, he doesn’t have the same level of connection with anyone else as he did with his old group. Even though he’s not interested in re-starting his old friendships, Preston isn’t sure how to talk through the loss and sadness he feels about not having his familiar set of friends around. 

After some thinking, Preston has decided that he should talk to a psychologist, someone who can help him sort through the negative emotions that are stemming from his recent life changes. Preston feels like talking to a psychologist could be a waypoint for him, the first step as he learns to prioritize his mental health and personal goals. While he’s happy to be on a better path, Preston also knows that he’ll need to keep an open mind during counseling or therapy in order to make the most out of every session. 

Maybe you, like Preston, are looking to talk with a psychologist about the issues that are troubling you. At Thriveworks in McKinney, TX we know that anyone, at any point in their lives can benefit from talking with someone on our team of psychologists. Doing so can help you balance your emotional wellbeing, as you gain access to a psychologist’s professional insight and guidance. Contact our office for more information and to schedule a session today. 

Should I Talk to a Thriveworks Psychologist? 

Anyone can benefit from talking with our psychologists; the purpose of counseling or therapy is about constantly improving upon the progress we attain, not about becoming perfect. With that in mind though, everyone’s mental health needs are different—so being candid and honest with your psychologist about what’s wrong is important. By choosing to open up, you can provide your Thriveworks psychologist with the feedback they need to help you start feeling better. Some of the common mental health challenges and conditions that our psychologists can help to treat include: 

  • Anger issues
  • Marital problems
  • Anxiety and stress 
  • Family disagreements
  • Divorce and breakups
  • Major and minor depression
  • Self-esteem issues

How Can a Psychologist Help Me? 

Psychologists are able to assist with many different situations and mental health conditions through therapy or counseling sessions. These sessions typically use talk or behavioral therapy to help clients better understand and manage the symptoms of their mental health condition or conditions. Psychologists are even able to help people who are experiencing interpersonal relationship issues with their friends, family, or loved ones through group counseling. By talking with someone from our psychology team in McKinney, TX, you can work to improve your: 

  • Ability to set and hold healthy boundaries in different scenarios
  • Communication skills 
  • Family relationships
  • Relationship or marital problems
  • Emotional regulation (in anger management or grief counseling) 

In addition, online counseling can be a great way to connect with a psychologist without throwing off your busy schedule. Plus, our online sessions are also easy to book— feel free to call our office or book online. You can also rest easy knowing that your virtual session will be secure. We follow the same HIPAA guidelines in our virtual sessions as we doin-person. Take advantage of our online counseling or therapy options if you want to: 

  • Engage with your therapist over the phone or video as you both explore the sources and effects of anxiety, sadness, relationship issues, and more
  • Meet with your therapist anywhere
  • Prioritize your mental health needs

Schedule Counseling or Therapy with a Psychologist at Thriveworks in McKinney, TX

When you decide to team up with a psychologist to address your issues and concerns, Thriveworks in McKinney, TX will be ready to assist you. Just call our office to start the enrollment process, which we’ve made easy with help from our scheduling specialists. They’re available seven days a week to offer support with setting up your insurance, finding the right provider for your lifestyle, and can help you pinpoint the perfect booking time. 

Plus, becoming a Thriveworks enrollee opens the door to a wide array of exclusive benefits, including: 

  • Evening and weekend session times: Life can be hectic. Make the time for everyone to connect with our flexible scheduling options. 
  • 23.5-hour cancellation policy: Life happens, and we get it. Just let us know if you aren’t going up to 23.5 hours before your scheduled appointment and there’s no charge. 
  • Email access to your provider: Stay in touch in between appointments. It’s another way we’ll add peace of mind to your therapy experience.  
  • A life coach Q/A chat line: Your questions don’t have to wait until the next appointment. Get the expert advice and insight of a Thriveworks life coach.

Take the time to consider whether partnering with a psychologist at Thriveworks in McKinney, TX could help you experience relief from the harmful emotions or thoughts you’re experiencing. Talking with a psychologist can provide you with newfound support, stability, and the confidence you need to make better mental health a reality. 

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