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Recently, John’s been having difficulty controlling his grief. He and his brother Chris have been inseparable since they were little—and last month when Chris passed away, John was left struggling to cope with the pain. Though people around him do their best to offer comfort, nothing is enough to erase the loss that John feels. While moving on is something that John knows is needed, it seems like an impossible task. And with his busy work schedule, he’s been unable to take the time away from his job that he needs. 

John knows that he should do something about the way his deteriorating mental health is affecting his life. Instead of debating how to avoid facing his grief about losing Chris, John wants to talk to a mental health professional virtually, so that he can alleviate his pain while working or spending time at home. John hopes that by being honest about his feelings and experience, his therapist or counselor will be able to offer him coping strategies to alleviate his pain. 

Like John, you may not have a lot of time on your hands but still are faced with harmful mental health challenges that are testing your limits. At Thriveworks in McKinney, TX we’d like to let you know: There’s no reason to face your obstacles alone. And with the flexibility and convenience of our online therapy options, you can get the personalized, quality care you need with added comfort and convenience.

What Is Online Therapy?

Online therapy is an easier way to talk to a mental health professional—plain and simple. Whether you’re working, sick, watching the kids or on vacation, you can still access your provider from anywhere with a wifi connection. And with Thriveworks in McKinney, TX we go to great lengths to ensure that our online sessions are:  

  • Safe: Our online therapy sessions follow HIPAA guidelines to protect your privacy and information. You can rest assured that Thriveworks values your safety and privacy as much as we do your mental health.
  • Effective: Our online therapy is just as effective for many of our clients as in-person sessions are. Though preference for either will vary between individuals, online therapists still provide the same level of care and support.

Our therapists and counselors are trained to assess the condition of your mental health and offer assistance in identifying coping solutions that fit your lifestyle and needs. And this crucial step in the therapy or counseling process relies on your provider getting open, candid feedback from you. By sharing your experience, you’ll help your provider to understand more about you, what you’re experiencing, and how they can help. 

What Are the Benefits of Talking to an Online Therapist? 

Online therapy is an appealing choice for those who simply want more flexibility and comfort when they’re seeking out and scheduling mental health services. There’s plenty of reasons to schedule a therapy or counseling session virtually, especially if you’d like to: 

  • Remove the anxiety you may feel about talking with your therapist in person 
  • Access the mental health services you need, even if there aren’t any therapists in your immediate area
  • Find time in your schedule to attend appointments 

Meeting virtually with your therapist or counselor can also make it easier to open up to them about what’s bothering you. When you choose to talk with a provider, you’re helping them to spot potential mental health disorders and conditions, which only they can diagnose and treat. Our online therapists and counselors can also help with a variety of mental health concerns and conditions, not limited to: 

  • ADHD 
  • OCD 
  • Depression 
  • Social anxiety 
  • PTSD 
  • Eating disorders

Schedule Online Therapy at Thriveworks in McKinney, TX

Call Thriveworks in McKinney, TX you’ll discover the next-level client experience that thousands of people across the country have already found. To get started, book your initial session online or call our office for assistance. When you pick up the phone, someone from our support team can help guide you through each step of the process. From finding the right provider to setting up your insurance, our support team takes the stress out of scheduling and enrolling. Plus, choosing to become an enrollee offers instant access to a host of great benefits, including: 

  • A free digital copy of our book, “Leaving Depression Behind”, an invaluable guide to addressing your mental health needs 
  • Evening and weekend appointment times 
  • Flexible cancellation options 
  • Email access to your provider as needed in-between appointments
  • Our life coach Q/A 
  • Scheduling availability for weekends and evenings

Better mental health can be a reality—consider whether you could benefit from teaming up with a mental health professional through online therapy at Thriveworks in McKinney, TX. Online therapy offers a simple and effective way to get the help you need, on your own terms. You can thrive—we can help. 

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