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When a person is dealing with a serious bout of anger it may feel like they don’t have options. They may feel as though they are not in control of themselves or their actions. The truth is that through comprehensive anger counseling virtually anyone can learn a different way to live.

What are you angry about?

On its surface, this question may seem like it has a simple answer. You may think you’re angry about school, your spouse, your family, or at yourself. The truth is that triggers are not always associated with the cause of the anger. While one specific thing may be the reason you feel anger in a given moment, the root cause may be much deeper.

What you can and can’t get from anger counseling

Anger counseling is not a magical solution. Most people can’t be cured in a single session. Most people don’t need to work on not being angry – though that may seem like the most obvious solution – and must instead focus on learning how to react to their anger. In most cases, the cure is simply learning healthy ways to respond to anger – not avoiding anger altogether.

Reasonable goals for anger counseling

If you go into anger counseling believing it will cure you then you’ll likely be disappointed. The truth is that you can expect many positive outcomes though, including recognizing your triggers, learning how to deal with them, discovering methods for asserting yourself in a healthy way, analyzing the real root of your anger issues, and dealing with those roots.

You don’t have to be a slave to your anger

No matter how you feel today, you do have the potential to feel better. Nothing lasts forever – including your feelings. With the assistance of Thriveworks Lowell Counseling & Coaching you can finally get the personalized attention and care you need. Work with a counselor whose only goal is to help you heal from the wounds of the past and create a brighter future.

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