Laurel, MD Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling — Work Through Relationship Issues with a Trusted Counselor

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Laurel, MD Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling ­— Work Through Relationship Issues with a Trusted Counselor

Ryan and Kelly have been dating for six years. They own a home together, have pets, and always find time to talk about each other’s day. They’re affectionate and understanding. However, Kelly is in school and can’t financially contribute to the house. This stresses her out even more when Ryan brings up money. He offered to support her during this time, so it confuses her when he makes her feel bad. Although he doesn’t mean it that way, it comes off in that manner. Their relationship would be much less stressful if they could set clear boundaries and understand each other better on a financial level.

Beth and Bill weren’t even married a year before Beth realized she had made a huge mistake. The once loving and affectionate man she dated had turned into a controlling monster overnight. Bill constantly checks in on her, makes her feel bad when she spends time with her friends, and yells at her if he’s had a bad day at work. However, they do still get along well when he isn’t being controlling and she just wishes he would see the way that he’s acting isn’t appropriate.

Both of these couples are going through very unique situations. That’s because no two couples are the same and no two problems are the same. Relationships take a lot of work, no matter if you’re dating or married. When the ups and downs of your relationship become too hard to handle and you can no longer see eye to eye, it may be time to reach out for the help of a trusted mental health professional. At Thriveworks Counseling in Laurel, MD, our marriage counselors and couples therapists have the training and experience to help you and your partner work through the challenges standing in your way of achieving happiness. If there’s something that you and your partner need to work on, consider reaching out to our office. We’d love to help.

How Does Couples Counseling Work?  

If you’re on the fence about starting therapy with your partner, you may be wondering what to expect. Don’t worry, it’s a lot simpler than you may think. When starting marriage counseling or couples therapy, your counselor will first understand what you and your partner’s individual concerns and goals are. Doing so, the counselor will be able to create a treatment plan based on your specific needs that addresses you both as individuals, and as a couple.

Your Thriveworks Counseling therapist will use a variety of different methods and techniques to connect with you and your loved one on a deeper level. They’ll help you identify the root causes of your issues, learn how to work better together, and help you connect on a deeper level. During your time in therapy, you can also expect to work on things like:

  1. Active listening (understanding your partner, not just hearing them)
  2. Communication skills
  3. Problem-solving skills
  4. Trust and admiration
  5. Stress and anger management

But What If My Partner and I Are Not a Good Fit for Therapy?

Here at Thriveworks, we strongly believe that everyone can benefit from counseling. Everyone’s mental health should be a priority in their lives. Just as you would see your primary care doctor when you have knee pain, you should also reach out to a mental health professional when you’re feeling overwhelmed. In fact, there are many reasons why our clients come to us for help. A list of common reasons we see couples in therapy at Thriveworks Counseling in Laurel are:

  • Distrust
  • Infidelity and cheating
  • Disagreements about family, parenting, and/or values
  • Communication problems
  • Stress and anger
  • Conflicting goals in life
  • Lack of intimacy
  • Problems with sexuality
  • Grief and loss
  • Trouble conceiving

This is only a short list of reasons to seek the help of a trusted therapist. If your problem wasn’t on the list, don’t worry. We can help. Even if you and your partner aren’t sure exactly what the root cause of your problems are, we can help you identify them. In cases where the problems and challenges you and your partner face are too big or too emotionally draining, your therapist can also help you make tough decisions like when it might be time to split up. Regardless, here at Thriveworks Counseling, we have both partner’s best interests at heart.

Start Working with a Couples and Marriage Counselor at Thriveworks Counseling in Laurel, MD  

If you are ready to start couples therapy or marriage counseling, know that Thriveworks in Laurel has appointments available as soon as tomorrow. You can get the help you need quickly. To schedule an appointment, call our office and one of our scheduling specialists will answer and help you make an appointment. We accept many different forms of insurance, have great self-pay options, have online counseling, and offer weekend and evening appointments.

Let’s work together. We want to help you thrive.

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