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Alcohol and hard drugs are often perceived as some of the most common objects of addiction in today’s society. The truth is, however, more complex—people can develop an addiction to many types of substances and behaviors, some of which are entirely harmless when consumed or done in moderate amounts (e.g. chocolate, shopping). Addiction is a condition that is the result of a person developing a compulsion to ingest a substance or to undertake an activity despite its physically, psychologically and socially harmful effects. Scientific literature defines two major types of addiction: physical and psychological. Physical addictions, for example hard drug or alcohol dependency, come as a result of one’s body becoming incapable of functioning normally without the substance. Once the substance is no longer consumed, an addict will experience painful and at times dangerous withdrawal symptoms (e.g. tremors, sweating, hallucinations).

Psychological addictions, on the other hand, revolve around the perceived need to take the addictive substance or engage in the addictive activity. In case of a workaholic, for example, work may become the central focus of his or her life, to an extent that the ability to control the behavior and the thoughts surrounding it is lost.

No one is immune to addiction, and even celebrities succumb to the power of addiction. Well known celebrities, such as Heath Ledger and Michael Jackson, lost their battle with addiction and even though their legacies live on, their fans and loved ones were and still are devastated by the loss of these two extremely talented men. Addiction is no small task to defeat, but here at Thriveworks Columbia, MD in Howard County, we believe addiction counseling can be particularly effective at helping addicts manage the behaviors and thoughts associated with their addiction. Call us to work with a counselor or psychologist today.

What Can Cause an Addiction?

As with many medical conditions, causes of addiction are very complex. A combination of genetics, family history and environmental factors can increase one’s chances of developing an addiction at some point in life. It is estimated that one’s genes and family background account for 50% of the risk of becoming an addict, while environmental factors, for example being exposed to addictive behaviors in one’s close surroundings, account for the other 50%.

Many things can assist in the causation of an addiction. How do you know when your desire to do or have something becomes so severe it is considered an addiction? Signs and symptoms of addiction can vary from person to person. An easy sign to spot is if your loved one begins to neglect putting effort into their appearance and/or their hygiene. With addiction, signs and symptoms tend to snowball, meaning one symptom can lead to the next. Depending on the addiction, symptoms tend to vary, however one

symptom that seems to remain consistent between all types of addiction is denying the fact that an addiction is present. If you believe a loved one is dealing with addiction, intervention may be necessary. Help is out there, and if you have the ability to lend a helping hand to get your loved one the assistance they need, do not think twice about it.

Counseling for Addiction

Treating addiction may prove difficult for many, as it is not just a simple matter of taking a medication or a vaccine. A talk-based addiction therapy for an extended period of time may be necessary to help the patient deal with the mental aspects of addiction. Physical dependency can be in some cases easier to manage than the psychological addiction. Following a period of detox an addict may be free of the physical addiction, but will continue to experience recurrent psychological desire to use, take or do whatever he or she is addicted to. Addiction counseling is therefore a powerful method, helping the affected individual manage his or her urge to reach back for the addictive substance or activity.

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At Thriveworks Columbia we strive to create a personalized treatment plan for every addicted patient. In this manner we try to ensure that our clients’ individual needs are met in the best way possible. At Thriveworks we accept many different insurance plans as well as offering flexible hours with weekend and evening availability. Thriveworks has a “no waiting list” policy. We want our clients to get the help they need as soon as possible, and new clients can have an appointment set up within 24 hours. Let us help you or your loved one thrive. Give Thriveworks Columbia a call today at (410) 910-2708. 

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