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Are You Afraid to Seek Out Counseling for Domestic Abuse? Therapy in Columbia, MD

Have you been the victim of domestic abuse? Are you afraid to seek out help? Do you worry about what it’ll be like or that your counselor will try to make you do something you’re afraid to do? Are you still in the relationship and you’re afraid you can’t get help until you leave it? We understand your fear but we are here for only one reason: to help you.

Working with a counselor is easier than you think

People often worry about working with a counselor because they believe they’ll have to reveal their innermost secrets the moment they start counseling. The reality is that no two counseling sessions are the same – just like no two clients are the same.

At Thriveworks Columbia, MD Counseling & Coaching we start by understanding your story. That doesn’t mean we need all your secrets. We just need a sense of who you are and what you want from counseling. Even if you don’t know exactly what you want, simply letting us know that you’re not doing well and would like to be doing better is enough. We can take it from there.

We don’t make you do anything you’re not ready for

The truth is that working through your issues can be painful and it can be scary. It’s also true that there may never come a “perfect” time to leave an abusive partner or deal with the fallout of that relationship. However, while we will be here to listen and offer suggestions an ideas, we will never try to force you or control you. We’re on your side.

Are you ready to move forward?

Are you ready to take a leap of faith? Or are you still scared? Think about it this way: what do you really have to lose? If you’ve reached out far enough to consider counseling then you’re likely not happy with your life. As long as you keep doing what you’ve been doing, there’s no reason to expect that will change. Take a chance on yourself and contact Thriveworks Columbia, MD Counseling & Coaching.

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