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Anger management helps individuals better control their anger. This often involves identifying triggers of anger, learning effective coping mechanisms for anger, and understanding how to better express this emotion. The ultimate goal is not to rid one of their anger (as anger is a natural and healthy emotion), but to help them better manage it.

If you have determined that you need to anger management help, consider working with a counselor at Thriveworks Columbia, MD. We have providers who can assist you in understanding, controlling, and properly expressing this emotion.

How Does Counseling for Anger Management Work?

In anger management, clients are given a specific set up instructions for improving their angry reactions. Anger management counseling also provides a safe place for releasing, understanding, and redirecting these emotions. Counselors lead their clients in discovering the root of their anger—such as grief, a traumatic event, or something else entirely—and teach them strategies for better dealing with anger (as well as other negative emotions, if necessary). There are many different techniques used in anger management counseling, including:

  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • Deep-breathing
  • Negative thinking assessment
  • Positive thinking practices

Counseling is often individualized, meaning that while the ultimate mission is the same—to help the individual make improvements that create a happier, healthier, and/or more successful live—the exact course of counseling changes from client to client. Your counselor will get to know you, analyze your particular case, and then design treatment to best help you.

When Anger Takes Over

Feeling out of control of your anger can be a devastating situation. Not only does it put you and other people at risk, but it simply makes a person feel that they don’t have control of their life. The good news is that anger counseling has real, concrete ways to handle these situations.

  1. Getting rid of anger is a myth. Too often people believe that the first step of anger counseling is to get rid of anger. The reality is that anger is an emotion and it’s a healthy one – as long as we address it in a healthy way. It’s also true that as a client progresses in their treatment for anger, they’re likely to feel anger less frequently – but the first step is still to address the way a client reacts to anger.
  1. Learn how you could address anger more healthfully. How do you respond to anger? It’s true that the body has a biological response to it that involves a racing heartbeat, increased adrenaline, and other physical changes. However, some people can still handle these changes while others will react in ways that they are not proud of. 
  1. Start by addressing your triggers and their causes. While everyone’s treatment plan will be unique to their needs, often the first step is to address triggers. What makes you angry? Is it something going on inside yourself? Is your anger directed at people outside in the world? Is it directed at things that happened in the past? Understanding your triggers can be the first set of clues on your way to recovery.

Once you know what those triggers are, it’s time to take a look at what causes them. For many people, what seems to be the cause of the anger is just a symptom. For example, a person who feels angry at their boss for a specific thing may actually be angry about another thing. Getting to these core issues helps your counselor better walk you through the solutions to anger problems. When you want to control your response to anger and finally heal, it’s time to get the qualified help you need from Thriveworks Columbia, MD.

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Do you have a serious anger problem? Do you lash out in anger without a moment’s notice? Do you regret your hot-headed tendencies? Consider talking to a counselor at Thriveworks Columbia, MD about your anger problems. There are providers here that specialize in anger management, of whom can help you live a happier, healthier life.

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