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Though it may feel like anxiety is an embarrassing, shameful thing to go through, the reality is that many people seek counseling for anxiety. In fact, it’s one of the most common reasons people get into therapy – and for good reason: it can help reduce or completely eliminate the symptoms you’re experiencing.

What is anxiety?

People who’ve never experienced chronic anxiety often believe that it’s just the feeling of being nervous. Those who suffer from it know that it can negatively impact a wide range of things in your life including your sleep, relationships, eating habits, and school. It can lead to feelings of powerlessness and lack of control.

What is causing your anxiety?

Your counselor can help you find the cause of your anxiety. There may be an obvious trauma that brought on your anxiety or perhaps it began after a relationship ended. Others may have trouble figuring out where their anxiety comes from. It can be combination of both biological and environmental factors.

Can’t medication fix the problem?

Anxiety medications can be useful for some clients but it’s important to understand their limitations. They are not made to cure anxiety – they’re made to cover the symptoms. This can be helpful in conjunction with counseling but only therapy can address the actual causes of anxiety instead of simply covering up the symptoms. That’s why Columbia, MD anxiety counseling is recommended in conjunction or in place of medication.

Your solution is unique to you

Anxiety isn’t simple to treat. If it were, you could simply search the internet, find the treatment protocol, and treat it yourself. However, there are solutions. Your situation is unique and your treatment will be unique too. At Thriveworks Columbia, MD Counseling & Coaching in Howard County we’ll discuss your situation, your past, and your present. We’ll discuss a variety of options for treatment and you’ll be involved in finding the treatment plan.

Some possible solutions including Columbia, MD anxiety therapists and psychologists to dig deep into your past to find the cause of your trauma, re-learning how to care for yourself on a deeper level, family counseling, increasing your physical activity, and reducing anxiety-causing substances like alcohol and / or coffee.

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