Licensed Anxiety Psychiatrists –– Schedule in Columbia, MD

Licensed Anxiety Psychiatrists –– Schedule in Columbia, MD

Charles has been under a lot of stress. He’s a new parent with his first child and his job has become more demanding in recent months. His mind has been racing with thoughts like these:

  • Wow, I can’t believe my boss caught that mistake on my report. I’m working hard but I’m probably going to get fired soon. 
  • I’m such a bad father. I don’t spend enough time with my son because of work.
  • Why did I even come to this party? I’m hardly even talking to anyone. I bet they all hate me.

This is the first time Charles has experienced thoughts like these and he feels exhausted by the end of each day. He starts to feel trapped by his thoughts, unable to enjoy his life the way he used to.

Have you ever felt like Charles? Millions of people in the United States experience anxiety every single day. Thankfully, anxiety is treatable. If you’ve ever felt anxious and wanted support, working with an anxiety psychiatrist can help you manage the symptoms you’re experiencing.

When you’re ready, consider reaching out to Thriveworks Counseling in Columbia, MD. Our mental health professionals are here to help.

Common Anxiety Symptoms –– What To Look Out For

Many people feel anxiety in completely normal ways. You might be anxious before your child starts their first day of school or during a major presentation for an important client. This is a natural response to stress.

However, anxiety that exceeds the facts of the situation or interferes with your day-to-day life may mean you’re dealing with an anxiety disorder.

Psychiatrists help with a wide variety of mental health issues. Some of the most common anxiety disorders include generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and phobia disorders. No matter what you’re going through, know that it is treatable.

Anxiety looks different for everyone, but here are some common symptoms:

  • Feeling worried, nervous, or high-strung
  • Sense of impending doom
  • Fatigue
  • Brain fog
  • Panic attacks
  • Insomnia
  • Heart palpitations
  • Elevated heart rate
  • Trembling
  • Sweating

Again, these symptoms are common in response to normal high-stress situations too. But if you find you’re experiencing these symptoms during everyday situations, then you may benefit from speaking with a psychiatrist. Consider reaching out to a provider from Thriveworks Counseling in Columbia, MD to make an appointment.

What To Expect From Anxiety Treatment

A psychiatrist is a mental health professional with a medical degree who specializes in diagnosing, treating, and preventing mental health issues. Anxiety psychiatrists manage anxiety disorders using effective treatments like talk therapy, medication, or a mix of different treatment modalities.

Every client’s experience may differ, but here are several ways a psychiatrist may help you during your appointments:

  • They can listen to concerns and ask important diagnostic questions
  • They can identify harmful or ineffective thinking patterns and help replace them with more helpful ones
  • They can assess symptoms and diagnose conditions
  • They can customize a treatment plan
  • They can provide a neutral, third-party perspective on difficult life transitions
  • They can teach ways to manage stress and anxiety more effectively
  • They can recommend improvements to self-care routines
  • They can prescribe medication to help manage symptoms

Your psychiatrist will work with you to create a judgment-free environment where you can share concerns and difficulties comfortably. Think of your psychiatrist as a partner in your mental health journey –– they have your best interests at heart.

Many of our clients find that an anxiety psychiatrist can help them work through their mental health problems and manage their anxiety symptoms. If you’re looking for support, consider reaching out to a psychiatrist at Thriveworks Counseling in Columbia, MD.

Appointments at Thriveworks in Columbia, MD

Have you ever struggled with feelings of anxiety? Our mental health professionals at Thriveworks in Columbia, MD can help you find a source of tranquility and calm in your life.

Setting up a psychiatry appointment with Thriveworks is incredibly easy. You can schedule your appointment online or by calling our office –– many new clients can often see a psychiatrist within 24-48 hours of reaching out. We offer extended evening and weekend hours to help you fit mental health care into your busy life. Our online psychiatry options let you work with a provider over the phone or on a video chat so you can get the care you need from the comfort of your own home.

You’ll also get access to other resources through the Thriveworks website and mobile app. Thriveworks clients can contact providers between sessions via phone or email, take advantage of “Dear Abby” style Q&A support, and use our counselor-moderated community discussion forum.

At Thriveworks Counseling in Columbia, MD, we believe that everyone can benefit from mental health care. We’re on a journey to help people live happier, healthier lives. Call our office today if you think you could benefit from psychiatric care.

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Kendall Douville

Mrs. Douville is one of the most compassionate and genuine social workers I have ever encountered. Anyone who needs support would be lucky to work with Mrs. Douville. I recommend her services without hesitation.
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Highly Recommend

Finally found the one. Finding a good therapist can be challenging, but during my visit here, I felt comfortable, listened to, and like a weight was lifted after my session. Highly recommending.
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After one session with Sharlene I knew that she was the therapist for me. She is a good listener, empathic, kind ,and considerate. She helped me get over my fear of counseling.
Thriveworks Counseling ColumbiaMD

Great Experience!!!

Very professional, dedicated and committed to her work.
Thriveworks Counseling ColumbiaMD

Sandra Anderson

Thank you Sandra for pulling me out of a dark place. You have inspired me to stay strong and believe in myself!
Thriveworks Counseling ColumbiaMD

Only the best

Sandra Anderson is truly caring and very professional, she makes you feel like you can talk to her about anything. I highly recommend her to anyone who may need someone to talk to.
Thriveworks Counseling ColumbiaMD

Great therapy ,easy and productive, I’ll be back again if I need it

Excelente place for therapy
Thriveworks Counseling ColumbiaMD

She helped the light shine in!

I struggled with self loathing and dark attitudes about myself for many years. My attitudes were affecting my relationships on a variety of levels. I felt like a failure. I was afraid to take my life but I didn’t want to live any more. My wife suggested I get counseling, but I resisted thinking I could fix me. It did not work. Helene Diop took me through a year of counseling via FaceTime that finally shed light on my dark experience. She helped me put my life in perspective and actively illuminated my understanding of why I felt the way I did. She provided clear, fruitful strategies for thinking that have changed my life. She, truly, helped the light shine in during my darkest hour! I’m a happy man, today!
Thriveworks Counseling ColumbiaMD

Helene Diop

Helene Diop is a caring person who works well with all cultures. She has diverse experience and a classic theoretical approach to healing.
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Ms. Mills

Ms. Mills is an outstanding therapist. She stays up on current trends to ensure that she meets the needs of her clients. Her calm demeanor helps her clients feel at ease when meeting with her. If you are some looking for a therapist, I highly recommend Ms. Mills.
Thriveworks Counseling ColumbiaMD

I highly recommend for therapy

Anna is such an amazing therapist. She's well-informed, patient and truly shows that she cares about the needs of her clients! She uses her clinical skills so well, and clients leave her office feeling ready to conquer the rest of the day! Thanks Anna for all that you do. I'd highly recommend her to anyone for therapy.
Thriveworks Counseling ColumbiaMD


Had such a great experience speaking with Mrs. Flores. She was very kind. It really felt like she was truly listening to what I had to say, and gave great insight into what I am going through.
Thriveworks Counseling ColumbiaMD

Pleasure to work with.

I found Mrs Flores easy to talk too. Made me very comfortable.
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Great Place

Thank you very much!
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