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Teenage rebellion is an expected part of life. But we may not expect drug problems, late nights of worrying by the phone, or eating disorders. When our kids are young, we want them to eat their vegetables, get enough sleep, and get good grades. When they get older, we continue to worry about their safety, but lose a great deal of control over their actions. This is a normal part of growing up, but it can be very helpful to have a trusted guide on this journey. Thriveworks Bristol counselors have the skills and experience to help your teenager be able to communicate honestly and worth through their emotions.

If your teenager is facing a serious issue such as a physical trauma, a psychiatric problem, or is dealing with an intense family issue, a Thriveworks Bristol counselor can help your child process this situation. Teenagers have a tendency to become withdrawn and quiet, and this can be very unhealthy during an intense emotional time. If your child is not talking to you about their feelings, you may hope that they have trusted friends to confide in. But this is not always the case. It is a wise parental decision to not leave your child’s emotional health up to chance.

At Thriveworks Bristol, we do not believe in waiting lists. You may have been trying to convince your teenager to come to counseling for quite some time. When you call, the last thing you want to hear is that the first available appointment is in three weeks. We have appointments available for your teen within 24 hours. We are ready to help when you need us.

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