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Many people believe that the cure for loneliness or social isolation is simply making new friendships and relationships. Those who suffer from these conditions know it isn’t that simple. A counselor can assist clients going through these troubling experiences.

The difference between loneliness and social isolation

It’s also common for people to believe that loneliness and social isolation are essential the same thing. That’s also not true. They do have similarities but there are significant differences. Social isolation is a person who is physically separated from friends, family, and other close relationships.
Loneliness can involve physical separation or it can affect a person who has many people close to them. The key is that a person experiencing loneliness feels separate from the world. They feel as though they’re not actively participating in the relationships around them.

The seriousness of these issues

It’s true that feeling sad is often one of the symptoms of loneliness and social isolation, that’s not all that happens. A person is at great risk for other side effects including depression, trouble sleeping, overeating, loss of appetite, substance abuse issues, aches and pains, and trouble and / or suicidal thoughts.

Treatment for loneliness and social isolation

A loneliness / social isolation counselor works one-on-one with patients to get to the bottom of their issues. For example, when a person is dealing with social isolation the counselor will likely work to find out the cause. Is it a geographic issue based on where the client lives? Are they afraid to get close to people?

A person working through loneliness would likely deal with the same questions and may have similar treatment solutions. The bottom line is that the counselor would work to find the real cause and to find the right solutions. In some cases the social isolation or loneliness is coming due to another issue like depression.

No matter what the cause, the first step toward change is to work with a counselor. Thriveworks Bristol Coaching & Counseling is here to help you find the individual solutions that will work for you.


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