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Life is hard. For most of us, our lives have not turned out how we had hoped. As children, we have dreams and aspirations of what life will be like when we grow up. Accomplishing those dreams is a different thing entirely. As ironic as it sounds, life gets in the way of our goals in life. The carpools, appointments, meetings, relationships gone awry, all of these things can get in the way of the things we want to accomplish in life.

If you could wake up in the morning and make your whole life different, what would you change? Where would you live? How would you earn money? What would your relationships look like? In counseling, these are called the “miracle questions.” They are used to help you define your goals. This is the first step in creating change and shaping your life. Things cannot change until you know what you want to change.

You may be considering counseling, but do not know what specifically for what you are looking. You are not depressed, do not have trouble with anxiety, but you just feel like life could be more. Feeling fulfilled is elusive and temporary. You want to look for real change and action. Thriveworks life coaches can help you determine how your new reality would look. We have helped you wake up with goals and a specific action plan to make your life different. Let us help you create the life you have imagined.

Be Wary When Looking for a Life Coach

When you conducted the search that brought you to this page, you were inundated with choices. Unfortunately, there is no overarching governing body that determines who can call themselves a life coach. Literally, anyone can start a website and start seeing clients. You do not want to entrust your life to someone without an education and without experience. At Thriveworks, we are mental health professionals. Our counselors and therapists have the necessary credentials and a professional license.

It can be very overwhelming to find a life coach on your own. You may have thought about making that first call for a long time. When there are no professional requirements for this profession of life coaching, it makes the search even more difficult. It is hard to know who to trust. Thriveworks life coaches can be trusted. We are experienced professionals.

Growth Focused Life Coaching

Counseling tends to focus on moving from pain to healing. In life coaching, the goal is usually to move from a neutral place to positivity. This is not always the case, as some seeking life coaches do have pain in their lives as well. But the goals for life coaching can be a combination of both healing and growth.

When we begin life coaching, we can measure different areas of life on various scales. The measure can be on a certain scale, such as from -10 to 0 to +10. We may be functioning at a 10 in our career, but our marriage is currently a 2. Our health is at a 3 and our relationships are functioning at a 9. None of us are functioning at a 10 in all areas at all times. From day to day, our measure of satisfaction can change. At very difficult times in life, we can even be negative on the scale. The loss of a loved one, a divorce, the loss of a job; all of these things can cause sudden and painful upheaval in life.

There are many areas that we can measure our satisfaction or disappointment in life. These include:

  • Physical environment
  • Career
  • Finances
  • Health
  • Friends and family
  • Romance and intimacy
  • Personal growth
  • Fun and leisure time
  • Spiritual life and religious activities

Of course, it is not so simple to measure our life in numbers and scales. We may feel as if we have everything under control, and are functioning positively on every one of these areas of life. But suddenly, we wake up in the morning and everything is different. Life is painfully unpredictable.

It is a huge help to have a trusted life coach to walk with you through the challenges and trials of daily life. This person can help you process pain and create change. At Thriveworks, we want to see you create the reality that you want. Your goals can become reality, with the right focus and determination.

Thriveworks Life Coaches are Ready and Able to Help

If you have been thinking about enlisting the help of a life coach for quite some time, you may have practically memorized the search results. You may have our number saved in your phone. We completely understand that is hard to focus on yourself and take time for your goals. But this is the first step in creating positive change. We understand that your time is precious. Being with a life coach may possibly require time away from your family, your job, or your friends. But it is worth it. You will return a more focused individual.

We know it is not easy to pick up the phone for the first time. For that reason, unlike most counseling offices, we do not operate with a waiting list. For most new clients, we have appointments available within 24 hours. We have extended hours and will work around your busy schedule.

Thriveworks coaches are leaders in their field. Our coaches and therapists have been published in many reputable news outlets and publications, such as The Boston Globe, Counseling Today, Psychiatric Times, Atlanta Journal Constitution, The Journal of Mental Health Counseling, and many others. We are ready to put our expertise to work for you. Your hopes and dreams have sat on the shelf for long enough. Bring them into the light. Let us help you on your journey. We know that you are tired, bored and frustrated in life. There can be more. Let us help you make those first few steps of change, and you will be encouraged with what is possible.

Let go of all the reasons not to call. These are just more hindrances to achieving your goals. Make time for yourself. Respect that voice in your head and that is telling you there is more to life.

Thriveworks life coaches are ready and able to help. It would be our honor to be with you on this journey. Let’s get to work.

Call us today at 423-822-5099, and start making progress on what you’re here on Earth to do.

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