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What does your day look like today? The choices people face every day about how to use their time are infinite. Maybe you need to go to work, pick up groceries, and clear the kitchen. Maybe you want to play video games or go for a jog. Maybe you would prefer to crawl back into bed and take a nap. What about tomorrow? Or in a month? Or in a year? What could your days look like then? Most people have an idea of what they would like their lives to look like, but many people struggle to achieve these ideas. Countless distractions derail people’s best laid plans, but what if there were another way? What if people had goal setting help to avoid distractions and stay focused upon what is truly important to them?

“The thing about goals is that living without them is a lot more fun,
in the short run. It seems to me, though, that
the people who get things done, who lead,
who grow and who make an impact… those people have goals.”
—Seth Godin

Many research studies have shown the power of goal setting, but despite its known benefits, many people still struggle with setting and following through on their goals. Seth Godin identifies one of the biggest reasons people struggle: achieving anything worthwhile almost always involves a short-term sacrifice for a long-term benefit. While there are no short-cuts in goal setting, there is help and support in the process. Many people are turning to mental health professionals for help setting and achieving their goals.

Thriveworks Bristol offers appointments for goal setting help. Our life coaches, therapists, and counselors know how to help people focus upon what really matters to them.

Why Set Goals?

If accomplishing a life dream were easy, everyone would do it. However, a lot of people know what it is like to come up short—to want to achieve but fail. Whenever people set out to conquer a challenge, they also need a game-plan. Setting a good goal can offset many of the distractions working against people and their achievement.

Setting goals, especially the right kind of goals, can help by…

  1. Focusing people’s attention upon what is important to them.
  2. Spurring actions.
  3. Bringing people’s focus and behavior into alignment.
  4. Sustaining momentum through challenges and setbacks.
  5. Triggering self-control.

Aim at Different Targets

When most people heard the words, “goal setting,” they likely think of some task they know they should do but do not want to: eating vegetables, making the bed, flossing teeth, and so on. However, there are many different kinds of goals to set, and one of the keys to high achievement, is prioritizing fun as well.

The point of setting a goal is not to be miserable; it is to keep what people value, love, and enjoy at the forefront of their attention.

A few examples of goals that people might set include:

  • Career: What kind of job do you want to do?
  • Financial: What do you want to earn and what kind of life do you want to sustain?
  • Pleasurable: What do you enjoy in life? What is fun for you?
  • Educational: Is there something you want to learn or explore?
  • Familial: What kind of familial relationships do you want to cultivate? With your parents, siblings, spouse, children, extended family, et cetera?
  • Artistic: Is there an artistic or musical skill you want to learn or practice?
  • Attitude: What kind of person you want to be? More patient? More caring? More self-assured?
  • Physical: What level of health would you like to enjoy?

Tips to Setting Goals

The reality is that most people can set a goal of a making an NBA roster, but the vast majority will never and can never achieve that goal. What is the key to setting goals that work in real life? Mental health professionals have many tools to help people discover themselves, their priorities, and their skills. The best goals come from within—they align with people’s values and talents.

The details of the goal are always deeply personal, but the form is not. In general, the following are characteristics of well-set goals:

  • Written: When people write their goals down, they become more serious about them. People are also able to review written goals.
  • Specific: The more detailed the goal is, the better. For example, “I want to watch TV for 1 hour each day” is a better goal than “I want to watch less TV.”
  • Timed-bound: Give goals a realistic deadline. This motivates, but it also allows people to feel reward when they reach the goal.
  • Shared: Everyone needs support when they are going after an achievement. Sharing one’s goal with others who are supportive is a great way to establish accountability and encouragement.

Goal Setting Help with Thriveworks Bristol, TN

Is there something you want to achieve in life? Do you want to learn to play a musical instrument? Earn a higher wage? Go back to school? Maybe you just want more—more focus, more purpose, and more self-control over how you spend your time. If you are ready to speak to a mental health professional about setting and achieving a goal, then the therapists, coaches, and counselors at Thriveworks Bristol are ready to listen.

When you call our office to schedule an appointment, you may be meeting with your therapists the following day. Many first-time clients have their first appointment within 24 hours of their first call. We also do not keep a waitlist, but we do offer evening and weekend sessions. If you have insurance, more than likely, we accept it. Our professionals accept most insurance plans.

The first step toward your goals may be calling Thriveworks Bristol. Let’s get started. Call today.

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Patricia Starbird

I highly recommend Trish! She is very helpful, kind, compassionate and excellent at getting down to the roots of the problem. I have made more progress with her than I have with multiple therapists in several different cities. P.S--EMDR therapy sounds totally crazy, but it has significantly helped me. Give it a try!
Thriveworks Counseling Bristol

I learned a lot

Dr Mike Pilcher took me under his wing and coached me through one of the biggest decisions of my life...opening a new business. At one point...well more than once...I felt like pulling my hair out and his calm demeanor and no BS approach really helped me get focused and confident. I was able to really pour on the steam and my business is doing well as a result. Dr. P is a great counselor and a man I respect. Call him...I still do to this day.
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