Codependency and Dependent Personality Disorder Therapy in Grand Rapids

Have you been observing the relationship between some people who are close to you and become concerned over the strength of dependency that seems to be evident between them?

Perhaps these issues with dependency relate to a relationship you are currently in and you are becoming aware that the relationship is on anything but a healthy path?

For whatever reason, if you feel you or someone close to you might benefit from counseling for Codependency or Dependent Personality Disorder therapy, read on to learn more about the common signs to look out for with these psychological disorders and the sort of help that exists to combat these negative behavioral patterns.

Common Signs to Be Aware of

  • Does the suspected sufferer display very low levels of self-worth and self-esteem?
  • Are the people in this relationship dependent upon each other on a very intense level?
  • Does it seem that the sufferer needs to feel that the other person in this relationship depends on them?
  • Is blame apportioned to the other person in the relationship when anything goes wrong in life and does this often seem to be unfair?
  • Does the sufferer’s whole world depend on the other person with whom they are in a relationship?
  • And again, is this to a very intense and unhealthy level?

We are all only too aware of the fact that signs of dependency can and do exist in every loving relationship—it is important to remember this and not to start to feel that this is unhealthy. It is when dependency crosses over into the realm of unhealthy ‘codependency’ when there are any potential issues in life.

Moving Forward with a Healthier Mindset

If you have been slightly disturbed by the fact that you or someone you know relates to the signs above, do bear in mind that professional psychologists at Thriveworks Forest Hills are on hand to help you move forward in life with a healthier mindset through counseling for Codependency or Dependent Personality Disorder therapy. Everything would be taken at the sufferer’s pace to ensure as stress-free a treatment plan as possible.

All you need to do to get that ball rolling is get in contact with us, in your own time, to arrange that first session.

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