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Eating disorders are not ‘one size fits all.’

In fact, they come in many shapes and sizes. There are many misconceptions about eating disorders; one of the most common being that persons with an eating disorder are always (or often) skinny, or underweight. In truth, most persons with such a problem are not underweight. In fact, many may be overweight or struggle to maintain a healthy weight. Eating disorders can consume the most unlikely victims and sometimes they are incredibly easy to hide.

An eating “disorder” concerns one’s relationship with food.

Too many people hide their relationship with food out of embarrassment. Some persons feel that controlling their relationship with food is “all about discipline” and failures to obtain balance in this part of their lives is a sign of being a “weak person.” Individuals who struggle with their relationship with food and have an eating disorder are not weak.  Sometimes having the sense of “power” over food choices is what helps individuals feel like they have any control in their life.

What Spikes an Eating Disorder?

There are numerous reasons and factors that can cause a person to develop an unhealthy relationship with food including:

  • Dissatisfaction with body image
  • Unattainable body standards from society
  • Negative and low self esteem
  • Physical, emotional, or sexual abuse
  • Depression and other emotional disorders

With so many outside variables impacting why eating disorders begin in the first place, it can seem like an uphill battle on ever living a normal life again.

These vicious cycles of control and punishment don’t have to be your life.

You can overcome your struggles with food, no matter how horrible, depressed and hopeless you feel. All it takes is making the small, but purposeful step in the right direction. Abolish today’s beauty standards and the concept of perfection. You are valuable just as you are and you deserve to live a beautiful life. Accepting who you are and loving yourself will change the outlook on the rest of your life.

Food is a wonderful gift and is a necessary tool to allow us to live the active lives and dream we pursue everyday. Food is not the enemy. It’s not a weapon, it’ not a judge, and it’s not who you are.

Take the Next Step

At Thriveworks Counseling Conway, we can understand the challenges that can be faced with food, diet, body images, and many other matters in the realm of eating disorders. We know how difficult an eating disorder is on a person. We also understand the physical and emotional healing that can occur once balance is restored. We want to help.

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