Online Counseling Therapy in Woodbridge, VA—Online Counselors, Therapists

Online Counseling Therapy in Woodbridge, VA—Online Counselors, Therapists

To best address varying needs and preferences, Thriveworks Woodbridge offers online counseling opportunities. Online counseling—otherwise referred to as e-counseling and virtual therapy—improves access to mental health services and also offers a more convenient counseling option, as it allows individuals to work with a counselor or therapist right from home.

“When we talk about our feelings, they become less overwhelming, less upsetting, and less scary.” –Fred Rogers

The two main online counseling options at Thriveworks Woodbridge, VA are telephone counseling and video counseling (of which we will delve into later). Both of these options will enable you to work with your counselor virtually, and from the convenience of home, work, the coffee shop down the stress, your car, or anywhere else you choose.

To schedule an online counseling appointment at Thriveworks Woodbridge, simply give our office a call. Or, if you’d prefer to schedule an in-person counseling appointment, we can help with that too! Our counselors are happy to work with you in-office or online. The choice is yours.

How Does Online Counseling at Thriveworks Woodbridge Work?

As we just mentioned, there are two main online counseling options at Thriveworks Woodbridge: telephone counseling and video counseling. Both are effective options, which allow you to work well with your therapist and make important progress in your sessions. Here’s a little bit more about each:

  1. Telephone counseling is perhaps the most flexible, relaxed online counseling option of the two. As long as you have internet or cell service, you can attend your therapy session from wherever you please. You’ll simply answer your counselor’s call at the time of your appointment.
  2. Video counseling is perhaps the more intimate online counseling option, as it still offers that face-to-face interaction. Some people find this element vital to the learning and growth process in therapy—others would rather do without the face-to-face element. Consider, “Do I value that face-to-face interaction?” in deciding which online counseling option might be the best one for you!

The therapists and counselors at Thriveworks Woodbridge are happy to work with you in online counseling over the phone or over video. Also, if you try one option out and then decide that it might not be right for you, that’s okay—it happens. Sometimes you have to engage in telephone counseling and/or video counseling to best determine which option works for you.

How Can Online Counseling Help Me?

Just like in-person counseling, online counseling can help people address a wide array of mental health challenges and other life issues. These include symptoms of a mental health disorder such as depression or anxiety; family conflicts; relationship issues; grief and loss; stressors in childhood or teenhood; stress management; and so on. This means that you can participate in the following services online at Thriveworks Woodbridge:

  • Depression therapy
  • Anxiety therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Couples therapy
  • Marriage counseling
  • Grief therapy
  • Child therapy
  • Teen counseling
  • Stress management counseling
  • And more!

This list does not completely represent the services offered in online counseling at Thriveworks Woodbridge, VA—but it’s a good start! If you’re looking for mental health services and you’re interested in the comfort, convenience, and flexibility offered in online counseling, consider reaching out to Thriveworks Woodbridge today. We can get you set up with a skilled, caring provider.

Schedule Telephone Counseling or Video Counseling at Thriveworks Woodbridge

The counselors and therapists at Thriveworks Woodbridge are always ready to get to work. They’re dedicated to helping people live happy, successful lives, whether that means helping someone better understand and manage a mental illness, supporting them during a tough loss, assisting them with relationship issues, or providing their professional help with another challenge.

If you’re ready to schedule an online counseling appointment, just give our office a call. We can also answer any questions you might have about online counseling and help you work through any reservations you might have about mental health help, online or otherwise. Additionally, when you call to schedule your appointment, your scheduling specialist will explain the flexible counseling options that are available to you: these include counseling sessions in the evenings, on the weekends, or in the daytime. It’s about whatever works best for you!

The online counselors at Thriveworks Woodbridge are ready to get to work. Are you? We look forward to your call!

Thriveworks Counseling Woodbridge

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Thriveworks Counseling Woodbridge

Answers to my prayers

Johanna Lee has been my therapist for the past 7 months and I am extremely pleased with her! She is very professional and goes above and beyond to meet my needs. Thriveworks makes the whole process easy because I can text them to solve any issues I’m having.
Thriveworks Counseling Woodbridge

Discerning & Thoughtful

I mentored Sharon in her master’s and doctoral studies where I found her to be thoughtful and discerning. She always generated a sincere sense of passion as her desire was not just to obtain degrees but to build the skills and knowledge base to support people within her community. Transparent in all her interactions with me and fellow students, she was unapologetically true to Biblical standards as the foundation of her interactions with others. I am confident that she will continue to be a thoughtful and wise counselor to all who seek her guidance and compassion.
Thriveworks Counseling Woodbridge

People Person

Sharon is the epitome of integrity. She operates in humility and truth. She embodies what I call the three Cs: Caring, Considerate, and Compassionate. She sees you, hears you, and listens attentively and intuitively to your concerns. Her advice is sound and non-judgmental. Sharon's quiet, calm, and peaceful spirit puts you at ease, and makes you feel comfortable. I often seek her advice when life becomes difficult. I highly recommend Sharon for those that are broken, and in need of much healing and inner peace.
Thriveworks Counseling Woodbridge


Sharon Fernandez excels in Professionalism, Prepardness, and Integrity. Her ability to express concern about sensitive subject matter is very comforting.
Thriveworks Counseling Woodbridge


Sharon shows a great deal of compassion, wisdom and kindness when sharing my concerns/issues with her. She is professional yet very personal as she guides and provides the help I need. If you are looking for a counselor that cares Ms. Sharon is an excellent choice.
Thriveworks Counseling Woodbridge


Sharon Fernandez is an active listener and a calm, cool and thorough presence. My wife and I enjoy talking to her because we always walk away better than when we began the conversation. It is obvious that Sharon has something special that causes her to work at a level of professionalism that causes her to deliver exceptional effectiveness.
Thriveworks Counseling Woodbridge

Outstanding Service

Sharon Fernandez is super supportive, patient, and provides awesome service with a great standard of professionalism. She is very easy to talk to, is a great listener, and gives honest feedback. Overall, I feel like she relates to my situations well which is super helpful and allows me to be more vulnerable in sharing with her. I would highly recommend her to my friends and family members that are in need of stellar counseling services.
Thriveworks Counseling Woodbridge

Sharon Fernandez

Sharon Fernandez is a very kind, caring, thoughtful and very compassionate person. You can't ask for a better person to listen to you and help with your needs.
Thriveworks Counseling Woodbridge

Pleasant and professional counseling

Sharon provided exceptional service. I sincerely appreciate her professionalism and attentiveness to my concerns. I truly felt her genuine care as she help me with my shortcomings. She really made my experience pleasant which allowed me to be more vulnerable. I would highly recommend her to my family and friends and to you who may come across this review for counseling needs.
Thriveworks Counseling Woodbridge

Karmaria Negron

If you’re looking for a excellent therapist, look no more. I have worked with Karmaria Negron and am well positioned to say that she is a gifted, highly intelligent and compassionate therapist who truly cares about her clients. Ms. Negron is a gift and blessing to everyone that she encounters. She has consistently guided her clients through challenging and painful waters to mental and emotional healing and success. She is authentic and I highly recommend her for those who want to heal and grow.
Thriveworks Counseling Woodbridge

Althilia Moore

I have been seeing my therapist for several months now. She is awesome! Each time I see her she is ready to help me through what ever issue I have that week. She actually listens to what I have to say and has responses ready along with coping skills on how to make it though each situation. We have recently started EMDR therapy and I am hopeful this will help me face my demons of my past. I give Thriveworks and Althilia Moore 5 Stars!!
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