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Emotional abuse is a serious and growing problem in modern society. It is the ongoing psychosomatic maltreatment or emotional neglect of an individual. Emotional abuse therapy experts often refer to it as psychological abuse. It’s not the name that is important; what’s important is to understand what it is and how it harms the victims. In the case of young children, it can produce serious untold damage to a child’s emotional health and development.

There are many forms of this type of abuse, three of the most common being:

  • Deliberately trying to scare or worry the victim
  • Persistent humiliation and bullying
  • Isolating or ignoring

Quite often the abuser is also a victim of emotional abuse and may have suffered other types of abuse or neglect too.

Harms and Symptoms of Emotional Abuse

Unlike physical abuse, there are no obvious symptoms associated with emotional maltreatment or neglect. There are often signs of unnatural actions or emotions, though, if you know what to look for. However, this can be harder to detect in children than adults because emotional changes are a natural part of growing up. Some of the symptoms in youngsters might include:

  • Overly-affectionate toward people they barely know
  • Sudden lack in confidence
  • Signs of anxiousness
  • Distant (unaffectionate) relationship with a parent
  • Aggressive behavior toward other kids and pets

Older children and adults may show signs in the following areas:

  • Use language or act in inappropriate ways
  • Seeming inability to control strong emotions
  • Sudden and extreme outbursts
  • Isolated from their parents
  • Lack socialization skills
  • Don’t have many or any friends

These things can affect a person’s life and as much as they try to improve, it’s often a futile task until they get professional help. One of the problems with emotional and mental issues is that people can’t always identify in themselves what others see in them.

Can Counseling Help?

In most cases counseling can help but it does depend on how the patient responds to treatment. There are also different types of treatment available. What works for you will depend on your age, gender and unique circumstances. Woodbridge emotional abuse therapy counselors have experience in working with patients in this area. Give us a call today to evaluate what solutions we might be able to suggest for you.

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