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Addiction as a medical condition is defined by an individual’s inability to control his or her intake of a particular substance or behavior. Addictions can develop in relation to any number of things; some of the most common examples include nicotine and alcohol. Addictions can also develop to otherwise benign behaviors, shopping or surfing the Internet, for example. It is generally accepted that there are two major types of addiction: physical and psychological addictions. Often these subtypes occur hand in hand, although mental dependencies regularly develop in isolation from the physical factors. Addiction counseling is a recognized method of treating psychological addictions.

There are many signs and symptoms of an addiction and they will vary depending on the type of substance/behavior and the individual affected. These may include:

  • Inability to stop taking a substance or engaging in an addictive behavior.
  • Intense feelings of shame and guilt about one’s addiction.
  • Obsession with the object of addiction.
  • An addict may engage in risky behavior to keep up his or her addiction.

The Causes Of Addiction

Addiction is a complex disorder with a variety of different factors that contribute towards its development. A mixture of genetics, family history and environmental factors contribute towards development of this condition. Part of the process involved in counseling for addiction includes investigating and identifying these causes so they can be addressed during treatment.

Counseling Therapy For Addiction

For many addicts a period of detoxification is necessary before the psychological rehabilitation can begin. This rehabilitation generally takes the form of one of the many existing addiction counseling methods. Addiction counseling is designed to supply the patient with the tools that will allow him or her to resist a wide range of addiction triggers he or she might be exposed to in everyday life. This is a vital aspect of addiction therapy, aimed at preventing the addict from relapsing into old routines and habits that promote his or her addiction.

Thriveworks Woodbridge understands that there is not a single ‘one size fits all’ solution for addiction. The correct treatment plan varies from addict to addict and therefore needs to be tailored to one’s particular needs. Why not get in touch with us now to arrange your first addiction counseling session.

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