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One of the saddest aspects of modern life in the 21st century is the breakup of the family unit. One of the reasons for these breakups is adultery and infidelity. Although no new phenomenon, the numbers of people seeking counseling for infidelity or adultery-related problems has been on the rise significantly in recent years. Maybe it’s not so much that Americans are cheating more than they ever did, but perhaps more that increasing numbers of couples are realizing that this behavior is destructive and that they desire help to curb it.

Why Are We Unfaithful?

Couples who choose to attend counseling for adultery tend to offer the following three basic reasons for their infidelity:

  • Emotional reasons (feeling disconnected or apart from their partner)
  • Physical reasons (losing that sexual “spark” with partner, no longer feeling satisfied with them)
  • Practical reasons (much rarer, but not unheard of—not believing in monogamy, for example, and one partner who thought that they were okay with that now finding that they are not).

The vast majority of people who find themselves in counseling for adultery will find that in their cases it was probably emotional or physical reasons for them (or their partner) choosing to look elsewhere for someone outside of the marriage or partnership. Often they will just feel unloved, unattractive or maybe just bored with their lives. They might still love their partner—most people taking the counseling route absolutely do—but they just want something else, anything else.

People who commit adultery tend to do so because they’re missing something somewhere in their lives. A qualified counselor will try to determine what that is and if they can get whatever that “something” is back.

Counseling for Adultery

An adultery or infidelity counselor will work with a couple—both the faithful party and the unfaithful party—to determine what can be done to save the relationship and also to face up to the infidelity on both sides and see how (or if) things can move on. The counselor will work to:

  • Help both parties get to know each other again
  • Help both parties to understand what they want from the other (sexually, emotionally, practically)
  • Help each party be honest with each other.

Getting over an infidelity in any relationship is extremely hard and can feel impossible at times. Counseling for infidelity can be integral to saving that relationship. For those going through adultery in their relationship can find counseling extremely useful if they are willing to try it.

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