Is Loneliness Getting You Down? Find out How Woodbridge, VA Counseling Can Help

Many people feel lonely and disconnected from the people in their lives. In fact, these can be very normal feelings that it’s not always worthy of being worried about. However, when loneliness or social isolation persists for months at a time, or when it starts to affect your daily life, then it may be time to get help.

Is there anyone you can talk to?

Some people who are lonely have literally no one to talk to. If you’re in that situation, then move on to the next tip. For the rest of you, understand that is not uncommon for people to feel lonely even when they’re surrounded by others. If you’re in this spot, consider talking to a trusted person who will let you open up about how you’re feeling.

Have you ever meditated?

You may dismiss meditating offhand but it can be helpful for some. The truth is that when we get stuck in a loneliness loop, we tend to think only of ourselves. Meditating can help clear the mind, help you focus on other things going on around you, and make it easier for you to identify what’s really causing you to be lonely.

One of the problems people who suffer from loneliness deal with is a hyper-focus on how lonely they are. They begin to feel sad and alone and from them on, all they think about is how alone they feel. Meditating can help you identify some of the thoughts that are keeping you lonely and can help you release them.

Do you have a pet?

Many studies have shown that virtually any pet can help protect against depression and loneliness. If you don’t currently have a pet, consider spending time in a dog park, volunteering at a local shelter, or even taking a part-time job at a doggy day care center.

Let the professionals give you professional advice

The actions above work for some but they don’t work for everyone. Everyone’s experience with loneliness is different. We can help you get to the bottom of what’s behind yours and help you find solutions. Connect with Thriveworks Counseling & Coaching today.

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