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Addiction is the state of no longer being in control of your emotions or urges when it comes to a specific substance or activity. You might have every other aspect of your life under control, but not that specific thing. By not having that specific thing under control, whether it be drink, food, drugs, sex, gambling, the internet or anything else, then you really have nothing in control. That one thing that you can’t control can easily turn around and start to control you. That’s addiction, and it’s a serious matter. Our Westborough addiction counseling services are able to help you if you need it.

Symptoms of Addiction

It doesn’t matter what you’re addicted to at all. It might be crack cocaine or it might be fizzy drinks, what matters is that your addiction is controlling you now. Maybe you thought that you were controlling it, but you were wrong. No matter what you’re addicted to, you’re probably sharing some of the same symptoms:

  • Powerlessness. You’re feeling beaten by this thing. You’ve tried and tried to give up but you can’t
  • Dishonesty. You’ve started to lie to people about your addiction, denying it, or saying that you’re doing something else when you’re really indulging in it
  • Your work is suffering. Your home life is suffering. Your relationships are suffering. But you don’t really care anymore.

The above factors are classic signs of a problem with an addiction. The brain just switches off to another mode and nothing is important anymore to the addict. If you see yourself here, please do contact us.

Ultimate Effects of Untreated Addiction

The worst thing an addict can do is not seek treatment or leave it too late to seek treatment. Untreated addiction literally can kill. Whether from an overdose or suicide or disease, the end result of death is the same. Addition also breaks up families and causes destitution. It simply destroys lives!

Seeking Treatment

There is hope out there for addicts and their families, though. Treatment is available and our Westborough addiction counseling services are here to provide it with a huge variety of programs available for every addiction. Therapy is really the best way to recover from addiction, working with your counselor and other addicts to find a way through that maze in your head and out the other side into the sunshine.

It’s possible to recover from addiction. People do it all the time with the help of qualified therapists. It’s your time to recover, so please get in contact with us today.

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