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Detroit Marriage Therapy in West Bloomfield, MI—Marriage Therapists in Oakland

Marriage, matrimony, wedlock. Whichever way you put it, this union of two people is meant to bind them for life. Sometimes, though, this commitment doesn’t last and the couple ends up divorcing. Why? Because of the many issues that can plague a relationship: infidelity, lack of emotional or sexual intimacy, financial disagreements, differing political or religious affiliations. And this is just the short list. The true list is exhaustive, as every relationship is different—but one thing remains the same, which is the existence of conflict.

As we all know, every marriage doesn’t end in divorce. In fact, despite popular belief, the divorce rate in the US is going down and has been since 2016. The simple truth is that if you stay committed to maintaining your marriage and putting the work in to sustain its health, you can succeed—especially if you employ the help of a marriage counselor.

“Marriage is a risk: I think it’s a great and glorious risk, as long as you embark on the adventure in the same spirit.” –Cate Blanchett

Marriage counseling helps couples work through the problems that arise in their marriage, improve means of communication, and repair their original commitment to each other. Thriveworks West Bloomfield offers marriage counseling in Oakland County, as we have professionals that specialize in this type of therapy. The marriage counselors at Thriveworks West Bloomfield in Oakland have the crucial skills, training, and experience it takes to guide couples to a healthier place. If you think your marriage could benefit from working with a marriage counselor, give Thriveworks West Bloomfield, MI a call at (248) 716-7057. Schedule your first session and start improving your marriage today.

What Does Marriage Counseling Do to Help?

There are many different techniques that can be used in marriage counseling to help you and your spouse move forward in your relationship. For example, here are a few main objectives of the marriage counselors at Thriveworks West Bloomfield in Oakland:

  1. Problem Identification: Your marriage counselor can help you and your spouse identify the specific problems in your relationship, such as lack of intimacy, jealousy, infidelity, or financial disagreements.
  2. Treatment objectives: Your therapist or psychologist will then work with you to come up with treatment objectives that will address those problems as well as overall goals for marriage counseling.
  3. Solution-focused intervention: Your marriage counselor will focus on building an individualized plan for helping you and improving your specific relationship.

Are you and your spouse looking for Oakland therapy? Our marriage counselors can help you and your spouse work through an array of marital issues, as well as prepare for issues that might arise in the future. For example:

  • Communication: This is one of the most common reasons people seek marriage counseling. The reality is that sometimes it’s hard to communicate well with those we love when we are frustrated or unhappy. But a professional can help you do so.
  • Jealousy: Jealousy can turn a relationship upside down, as it is often accompanied by trust issues.
  • Anger: Anger can quickly lead to turmoil; fortunately, a therapist or psychologist can help individuals to better manage or express their anger.
  • Finances: Partners might disagree on their monthly budget. Marriage counseling can help them to work through the stress associated with money and reach a budget agreement.
  • Parenting: Many couples don’t agree on parenting styles and techniques, which can lead to disagreements and further conflict. A marriage counselor can help parents to discuss and decide on parenting strategies.

Again, the complete list of marital issues is exhaustive. The bottom line is that a marriage counselor at Thriveworks West Bloomfield in Oakland can help married couples to work through any and all problems in their relationship.

Schedule Detroit Marriage Counseling at Thriveworks West Bloomfield in Oakland

Do you believe that your marriage could benefit from therapy? If the answer is yes, consider partnering up with a marriage counselor or psychologist at Thriveworks West Bloomfield in Oakland. Whenever you feel ready to schedule your appointment, just give us a call at (248) 716-7057. A scheduling specialist will take your call and help you schedule an appointment on a day and time that works for both you and your spouse. We offer flexible appointments including evenings and weekends for this very reason, to ensure that you can get in to see us.

We look forward to your call and working with you soon!

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Andrea Golden

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